Hefei license plate recognition system use introduction

Scope of application: Residential and community underground garage, supermarket parking lot, unit parking lot, square parking lot, internal parking lot of enterprise and institution, toll parking lot 1. Product description First describe the working status of the license plate recognition system: W

·Ninghai Intelligent Automobile Town has become a demo…

Recently, Ninghai Smart Car Town has become a Zhejiang-level demonstration town, which is the only featured town in Ningbo. According to the plan, from 2015 to 2017, the town will complete an investment of 6.02 billion yuan to implement nine major projects such as the new energy vehicle production

Shaoxing Shengxin Sewage Treatment Plant clever use of …

Before the end of 2014, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Shengxin first sewage treatment plant a standard A standard transformation completed, December 31 to achieve water. It is the first large-scale wastewater treatment using activated carbon technology in China. It was listed as the first typical case o

To make the house leak-free, choose smart house leak se…

The small editors once forgot to turn off the faucet because of the water stoppage. When the water came, the entire washroom was completely flooded. The downstairs was also damaged by the way. The entire ceiling was blistering, but waterproof was better. The downstairs was only a little bit. Waterm

Cummins President officially visits China's Ministr…

Recently, Cummins Inc. President and Chief Operating Officer Rich Freeland, Group Vice President in charge of China and Russia Steve Chapman, Cummins Vice President and China Chief Technology Officer Peng Lixin, and China's implementation of strategic and corporate affairs Director Wan Li

On the Importance of Sprinklers' Run-Out Period

We must treat the newly purchased sprinkler with the same care as the newly purchased mobile phone. Newly bought cars all have a period of time to go. Each piece of the new car is assembled in advance before assembly. There is a certain geometrical deviatio

Suction truck operation instructions

As one of the three major sanitation models, the application and promotion of suction trucks in the market is becoming more and more widespread. It is mainly for the urban and rural sanitation department to pump and transport manure and other sewage, whethe

Pirelli Wins 2016 Oscar Masi Industrial Innovation Awar…

Pirelli recently won the 2016 Oscar Masi Industrial Innovation Award from the Italian Institute of Industrial Research. This award is mainly focused on promoting innovative processes or products for intelligent production. Pirelli’s award-winning team of engineers led by Gianni Mancini

A brief introduction to the spray truck

Many cities now have water spray vehicles on the streets that were used more when trees were sprayed with pesticides. Nowadays, many cities turn sanitation sprinklers into sprayers , which solves the problem of sprinklers flooding people. Let's introduc