China National Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd. made its debu…

On May 22, 2013, at the "2013 Beijing International Road Transport, City Bus and Spare Parts Exhibition," CNHTC Hangzhou Engine Sales Co., Ltd. made its debut at the show. The company also exhibited MC series diesel engines with MAN technology and MT series T10 and T12 series natur

Gear mold industry's future development strategy

Because plastic gears have the advantages of low transmission noise, vibration absorption, self-lubricating, and high efficiency of mold processing. In recent years, more and more applications of plastic gears in the gear industry have become a worldwide trend. However, at present, the mid

Solid-state lighting requirements for four large-capaci…

LED screen network reported on May 13 compared with traditional lighting fixtures, LED lamps do not need to use filters or filters to produce colored light, not only high efficiency, pure light color, but also can achieve dynamic or gradual color changes. Maintain a high color rendering index while

Transforming and upgrading tire companies "have so…

At the 2013 General Assembly held by the China Rubber Industry Association's tire branch, the reporter noticed this phenomenon: When speaking at the conference, several guests used the words “transformation” or “transformation” in the title. “The theme of t

Dangerous goods transporter configuration features

The anti-static and anti-static equipment of the chassis of the vehicle For the explosive equipment transporter and the dangerous goods transport vehicle, the exhaust pipe of the engine of the vehicle should be placed in front, and an exhaust spark arrester

Teach you how to choose a tire

Many users who buy garbage trucks always feel that the original tires provided by manufacturers are of unreliable quality. Actually, the original tires are the most suitable for the speed of garbage trucks and the maximum axle load of garbage trucks. Therefo

Domestic auto sales double digit growth in April

Since the spring, the domestic automobile market has continued to maintain a good growth trend. According to statistics from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in April, the automobile production was 1,899,400, an increase of 15.29% over the same period of last year; sales

Revo Power: D-Series new products to enter the market s…

Almand trucks equipped with Revo Power D series products have already settled in the market. In order to better serve the users and further enhance the performance of the Revo Power D-Series products , Revo Power has launched a full-range tracking service for truck users equipped with Revo P

LED lights stay in the mainstream lighting of home deco…

Mr. Chen’s home decoration in Nanjing entered the second half of the year and bought the lights on the agenda. The designer’s suggestion is to use LED lights more, energy saving, long life and no ghosting. Some individual style lamps only use LED lights. These obvious advantages make

2013 China's CNC Machine Tool Market Analysis

China's high-end machine tool market has always been dominated by the United States, Japan, and German companies. The mid-end market is mainly divided by Taiwan's machine tools, mainland machine tools, and Korean machine tools. German machine tools, regardless of machine tool perfo