Cast iron gate installation precautions

Cast iron gates are different from cast iron gates of different manufacturers. There are also some different considerations in the installation. In general, the installation of cast iron gates affects its use, so pay special attention to: 1. When the gate is installed, it should be installed in pl

China Successfully Developed the First Fuel Cell Over 5…

Recently, the HYMOD?-300 vehicle fuel cell stack module developed by Xinyuan Power Co., Ltd., a company held by the Dalian Institute of Chemicals of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has passed the life test and vehicle application validation, and has broken through 5000 hours of durability of vehi

Weichai Power Heavy Truck Engine Sales continued high g…

In January 2018, sales of Weichai Group heavy-duty engines, especially heavy-duty trucks, continued to increase rapidly. At present, the dominant position of Weichai heavy-duty engine products in the heavy-duty truck market, the 5-ton loader market, and the passenger bus market of 11 meters o

Several issues that must be noticed in the design proce…

The use of cast iron platforms is now more and more, and there are many manufacturers are now focusing on this aspect of production, many professional manufacturers are also integrated casting processing and design of an integrated enterprise, these Each time the company designs and processes, it

What is road maintenance

We can often see such scenes on the road. A large, flat road appears suddenly with a patch-like special surface. In fact, this kind of patch-like thing is the result of road maintenance. The history of road maintenance in China can be traced back to the Wes

Volkswagen import car frequency quality problems

The owners of the Volkswagen Touareg recalled plans were dissatisfied, and Volkswagen China's exclusive channel hotline said that a small amount of water does not affect the wading performance. At the 3-15th Evening Party in 2018, the Volkswagen Import Touareg was named after the engine was t

Top Ten Investment and Financing Events in China's …

With the advent of a new round of technological revolution, the auto industry has entered a period of transformation and upgrading that subverts tradition. The various changes that followed will have a profound impact on the investment and financing of the entire automotive industry. According to

Ministry of Land and Resources carries out clean-up of …

In order to thoroughly implement the major decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on accelerating the construction of ecological civilization and the important instructions of the central leadership, the Ministry of Land and Resources recently issued the &

· China-US Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade Info…

On July 1, the "Car Networking" industry exchange meeting of the Information Industry Working Group of the China-US Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade was held in Beijing. More than 50 representatives from 25 units including governments, enterprises, scientific research institutions a

Vortex Flowmeter Common Faults and Maintenance Methods

1) Vortex flowmeters are not well-suited for applications where strong vibrations are not suitable, but where the magnetic field changes frequently, vortex flowmeters will detect signal outputs that are higher than normal. Practice has proved that in the scene of no gas flow, when the vortex flow s