Discussion on application of medium and low temperature…

Application of coal processing and comprehensive utilization of low-temperature waste heat power generation technology in kiln decomposition kiln Xia Junsheng (Xinwen Mining Group Huafeng Coal Mine, Shandong Xintai 271413) potential, process, social and economic benefits; analysis believes that T

Vacuum filter multi-function wrong gas head

Vacuum filter multi-function wrong gas head Core Tips: 15:P Article ID: 1005 The utility model relates to the improvement of the wrong gas head on a vacuum filter in a device for separating solid and liquid phases of various specifications in the soda industry, which can not only improve the sepa

Lixun Testing: Interpretation of the latest standards i…

With the continuous updating of LED lighting products, their industry standards and technical standards are changing with each passing day. The latest version of "Lamps Part 1: General Requirements and Tests" GB7000.1-2015 was implemented on January 01, 2017. At the same time, standards su

China's graphene application and future trends

The global graphene industry is still in the mid-stream patent layout stage, the downstream industrial chain has not yet formed, and graphene demand is dominated by primary low-end applications and concept speculation. Together, these two points lead to the current non-mainstream applications of gr

New Process for Extracting Vanadium from Stone Coal Flu…

Coal Research Institute of Changsha Hunan Nonferrous Metallurgy Design Institute developed fluidized roasting - acid leaching - ion exchange process has been employed in Hubei Stone Coal smelter (below). Figure Fluidized roasting-acid leaching-ion exchange method for vanadium extraction The main

Welder safety production operation procedures

1,          Wear labor insurance products as required before work to prevent fire, electric arc, electric shock, etc. 2,          When using welding repair machinery, electrical equipment, welding machines, electrical equipment must be properly gro

Pyroxene ore pyrolysis beneficiation

Thermal cracking method is a method of dressing spodumene ore sorting. The method is based on the natural spodumene calcination at about 1100 ° C, the crystal changes from α type to β type, while volume expansion, brittle into powder, which can be used to selectively grind and sieve to rea

Main structure of the converter

The figure below shows the basic structure of the converter. The converter shell is a cylinder made of steel or Cast Steel, which can be made in one piece or in two halves that can be removed. Removable end caps are provided at both ends of the furnace shell. A combustion hole is opened in the c

Ways to increase the capacity of ball mills

The grinding system is automatically controlled. According to the noise of the ball mill , the electric vibrating feeder or the belt feeder is controlled by the electric ear method, and the proper amount of the material in the grinding machine and the automatic adjustment of the material are unifor

High alkalinity sinter and low temperature sintering--E…

I. Overview High alkalinity sinter appeared in the 1960s, with its high alkalinity, excellent metallurgical properties different from the self-fluxing sinter. Low-temperature sintering technology is the production of high-quality and high alkalinity sinter basic measures to reduce the energy consu