Wuhan Metro Security Inspector Takes Bad Security Instrument Looks Like

In the afternoon of April 7, an incident of “flammable objects were ignited, causing passengers to panic” occurred in the carriage of Beijing Metro Line 1. Combined with the news on April 3rd of this Web site, "Individual security inspections in Wuhan Metro use dummy security checkers at work to play mobile phones," the security inspection of Wuhan Metro has once again become the focus of public attention. The reporter found that Wuhan Metro security inspectors were caught in a vicious cycle of “low wages, large resignations, long overtime compensation, and large-area resignations”. A bad security instrument can not be repaired for a long time.

According to Huang Yan, a staff member of the Propaganda Department of Wuhan Metro Operations Co., Ltd., the staff responsible for subway safety inspections are not employees of the Wuhan Metro Group. Wuhan Metro Line 2 security work is through the tender, please call the "Beijing Hengan Guardian Metro Security Company" responsible for the company's security inspection. Subway operators regulate their security inspections.

Huang Yan said that the subway operator does have a requirement that “every package must be checked every liquid must be checked” and there is no object of inspection exemption.

Regarding the issue of “missing baggage” mentioned by reporters, Huang Yan explained: The workload for security inspections is large, especially for the three major railway stations, transfer stations, and optical valley stations. Passengers are numerous, and personnel are prone to stay. Some passengers, such as pregnant women, do not accept security checks. The security inspectors have long been confronted with emotions and do not want to give up passengers.

According to Huang Yan’s introduction, each security station is equipped with a three-person security team, and the three divisions are the pilots, the executives, and the security officers. The guides are responsible for guiding the passengers to undergo security inspections and observe and discover suspicious or suspicious items. The officer is responsible for observing the images scanned by the security inspection equipment and discovering contraband from the shapes, types and colors of the articles. When a suspicious item appears, the officer should remind the guide and security officer to open the bag for a careful inspection. The safety officer is responsible for the order in the safety zone and controls the movement of suspicious items and suspicious persons.

Through hard work, the reporter contacted Xiao Ya (a pseudonym), an inspector at a station on the Wuhan Metro Line 2. Xiaoya became an inspector of Hengan Company in October last year and was responsible for the security inspection of a station entrance on Line 2. She complained to reporters that in the event that a passenger does not cooperate with the security work, forced security can easily become a conflict. Security personnel have low employee resources, long working hours and frequent overtime work. They already have intentions to leave.

Xiaoya introduced that Hengan’s basic salary for security personnel is only 1,900 yuan. Those who have not yet reached the age of 18 are recruited from the technical school. The minimum monthly salary is only 1600 yuan. Hengan Company does not sign labor contracts with them on the basis of their minority. Overtime wages are also “unequal pay for equal work”. Adults add 95 yuan per class and underage students only have 80 yuan.

Xiaoya said that subway safety inspectors work overtime, which is a common phenomenon in Hengan. Low wages have led to the departure of many people and more than 30 security screening staff who have entered the company with her. In less than six months, only 5 or 6 people have left. A large number of resignations have caused many security checkpoints to be short of manpower. The squad leader only arranges for the current staff to work overtime to fill the vacancy. The original security inspector worked 8 hours a day, from 7 am to 2 pm in the morning class, and from 2 to 10:30 in the evening class, taking a day off every two days. When I get overtime, I change to work. I go to work at 7:00 in the morning until I'm off at 10:30 in the morning. Sometimes I need to sleep in the station one night. I'll wait until 7 o'clock in the morning to take over.

Xiaoya revealed that Hengan has loopholes in the logistical security of security inspection equipment . "Some station's metal detectors are obviously bad, but they still require us to take a look." Xiaoya said: "It is estimated that we have seen relevant news from Jingchu. The station has already given us a new one a few days ago. ”

On April 9, the reporter contacted Ma Shujie, head of the Wuhan Branch of Beijing Hengan Guardian Security Service Co., Ltd., and hoped to inform him about the situation. After understanding the reporter’s intentions, Ma Shujie expressed that he would ask the company to be responsible for the specific recruitment work. After 10 minutes, Ma Shujie replied that the person who could handle this matter had contacted the reporter later and refused to provide this person's contact information. After one hour of waiting, the reporter dialed Ma Shujie again. The other party said that he had arranged for people to handle related matters. For the reporter’s interview request, he said “no more to say”.