Which brand of 80,000 or less commercial vehicles are selected?

In fact, if the commercial vehicle is only a basic type, it will not be too expensive. Basically, domestic brands have 80,000 or less commercial vehicles. Such prices are generally acceptable, even if they are used by families. The interior space is very large and the stability is also relatively strong. But after all, buying a car is also a very big thing. We must take into account comprehensive factors. If we do not quite know which low-price and high-quality commercial vehicles are available, we can simply compare them by introducing them.

Po Chun 730. This is a very popular style in recent years, and it is also the highest heat in the 80,000 commercial vehicles. We directly buy manual versions, all of which are 1.5L, or very fuel-efficient. And 7 seats are enough for our daily use, Po Chun's vehicle stability is still very strong, the overall price is an average of 70,000 yuan, specifically depends on our needs, but it is considered a domestic relatively high-quality, high cost-effective commercial vehicles It is also the best choice for many people.


Wuling Hongguang. When it comes to 80,000 or less commercial vehicles, everyone will certainly consider Wuling Hongguang at the first time, and this is also the first choice for many friends who run small transportation industry. Whether it is home use or company use, Wuling Hongguang's performance is sufficient, of course, this is based on everyone else have no other requirements on the basis. If only from the price point of view, in fact, Wuling Hongguang is already ultra-low prices, may be about 50,000 to buy a manual block, while the luxury models but also about 70,000.

Auchan. The same is the price of five or sixty thousand, Auchan can be regarded as the new business car 80,000, and especially the 16 models Auchan has also been recognized and welcomed by everyone. At present, there are manual fashion, elite, standard and luxury categories in Europe, and there will be differences in internal configuration. Everyone can choose according to their actual needs, because the overall price is not too high, the choice is also very wide, you can simply buy the test drive later.

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