What is the principle of the security machine?

Security inspection machine, also known as security inspection instrument, including security X-ray machine, baggage security inspection machine, channel X-ray machine, physical inspection X-ray machine, X-ray security inspection instrument, X-ray baggage security inspection machine, X-ray detector, X-ray foreign object detection Machine, X-ray security inspection machine, X-ray inspection kit, three-product detector, three-product inspection machine, three-product inspection instrument, and inspection instrument.
Security inspection machines are widely used in airports, railway stations, bus stations, government office buildings, large shi halls, conference centers, convention centers, hotels, shopping malls, large-scale events, post offices, schools, logistics industry, industrial inspection and so on.
The "eye of the eye" of the safety checker is realized by X-rays, and is an electronic device that performs inspection by means of a conveyor belt to carry the checked baggage into the X-ray inspection channel. The baggage enters the X-ray inspection channel, which blocks the package detection sensor, and the detection signal is sent to the system control section to generate an X-ray trigger signal that triggers the X-ray source to emit the X-ray beam. A bundle of X-ray beams passing through the collimator passes through the object to be inspected on the conveyor belt, the X-rays are absorbed by the object to be inspected, and finally the dual-energy semiconductor detector mounted in the channel is bombarded. The detector converts the X-rays into signals, which are amplified and sent to the signal processing chassis for further processing.
X-rays are electromagnetic waves that can penetrate opaque objects such as wood, cardboard, and leather. The security device can display images of different colors on the screen according to the degree of absorption of X-rays by the object. Simply put, orange represents organic matter, such as food, plastic, etc.; books, ceramics, etc. are shown in green; metals are shown in blue. At this time, the security inspector can quickly check the image of the X-ray scan, and can use the rich experience to judge whether there is a contraband.
It will be very harmful to the human body. If the human tissue is exposed to X-rays, irreversible lesions will occur.
However, everyone does not need to worry about people, X-ray machine body, lead curtain can be a large degree to ensure that X-rays leak as little as possible, but Zui do not stay too long beside the machine, there will always be a little leakage.

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