What is the effect of insecticidal lamps in vegetable bases?

Since ancient times, “the people regard food as the heavens,” diet problems have a bearing on the immediate interests of each of us, and vegetables are indispensable foods on the table. However, due to the problems of vegetable pests and diseases, many vegetable farmers are very headaches. The insecticidal lamp has a remarkable effect in controlling pests. At present, there are many types of insecticidal lamps. Generally, we recommend using a 220V AC insect killer lamp in the case of convenient use of electricity, and using the solar energy frequency vibration when the electricity is not convenient. Insecticidal lamp. So what effect is the use of insecticidal lamps in vegetable bases?
In the process of growing vegetables, if insect pests occur, then farmers first think of spraying pesticides. Although pesticides can't be said to have little effect on insect pests, pesticides and excessive use of pesticides not only cause environmental pollution, but also make vegetables. Excessive pesticide residues, reducing the quality of vegetables, is also detrimental to our health. In recent years, due to the frequent occurrence of safety accidents caused by pesticide residues, people hate pesticides. In order to effectively reduce the amount of chemical pesticides used and the number of uses, in order to protect the environment, we should vigorously promote the use of solar frequency vibration type insecticidal lamp.
At present, the state has vigorously supported policy guidance, technical guidance, and financial support. The scale of vegetable cultivation has been expanding year by year. To develop a high-quality vegetable industry, it is necessary to adhere to pollution-free standard production as a breakthrough, while using solar energy and other new insecticidal lamps. Technology to develop agricultural production, while not destroying the ecological environment, to achieve simultaneous improvement of quality and efficiency, to provide consumers with more and better pollution-free green vegetables, enhance current consumer confidence in China's agricultural products, to achieve agricultural sustainable development.
From this perspective, the role of insecticidal lamps in the cultivation of vegetables is very significant. It is hoped that the majority of farmers will recognize the importance of pollution-free green vegetables as early as possible, reduce and eliminate the use of pesticides, and use solar insecticidal lamps to treat diseases. Insect prevention and control, to achieve the simultaneous growth of ecological and interests, so that everyone can eat assured vegetables, so that our country's agriculture to achieve a better development.

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