We understand the internet car rental

Speaking of renting a car, the original idea was very simple. I wanted to do something that I think could solve the problems in a certain area of ​​society. Because all of them are young people who like cars, it seems that the subconscious has brought our ideas to the car and we have found the vehicle. And the demand for vehicles from the public is increasing day by day. No matter what the demand for vehicles or the number of vehicles, it is already quite saturated. It is only a matter of time before the government implements policies such as restricting purchase restrictions. Faced with the social situation that the number of vehicles has not been able to increase substantially but the demand for cars is still rising, we began to consider how to solve this problem. Therefore, under the original intention of inspiring to solve this "social problem", we experienced a period of precipitation and experience, and completed the establishment of "Fun and Friends Vehicle - Real-time Online Car Rental Platform".
To solve this problem, it is obvious that car rental is the only choice. After understanding the car rental market in the early stage, we found that the traditional car rental industry has been tepid and the reason why it cannot be a landmark industry lies in the old-fashioned mode and the tedious process. What's more important is the decentralization of vehicle resources, the large gap in information, and the unsatisfactory experience of services. This is like the various types of canteens on the street. It is also a fast-moving consumer goods product, but only the supermarket can become an industry benchmark. Why do you ask people why they go to the supermarket to buy things? I believe the answer is nothing more than "regular, multi-product, one-stop, transparent prices.." And so on. Then why don't we be a supermarket in the car rental industry.
To improve the problem of the offline car rental industry, we want to use the Internet approach to get in. Imagine we have pooled a large number of car rental vehicles on the Internet platform so that customers with car rental needs can see all available at a glance. Car source information, especially for users who come from other places and who like to drive by car, has solved their “urgent urgency”. They can book their favorite cars without leaving home and start their own self-driving journey. . Do not have to go to the home to find a car rental company to understand the vehicle, because we have established a standardized, reliable car rental booking service platform. Coupled with the price transparency, this will inevitably improve the traditional customer experience of the car rental industry, and bring a faster, more convenient and more affordable car rental experience. For the car rental companies, they also increased their distribution channels on the basis of zero costs, which increased the rental power of vehicle resources and effectively improved the efficiency of vehicle exits. Perfecting the unique and high-quality pre-sale and after-sales service is also a highlight of our experience in upgrading the car rental industry.

The current Fun Friends Vehicle is only open to a city in Kunming, Yunnan, based on Yunnan, will gradually expand to more Yunnan tourism prefectures cities, set self-driving, long-distance chartered tours, small and medium bus, short-term rental, monthly rent, wedding, performance activities Car rental, etc., to establish a one-stop car rental platform, vehicle level from low-end cars, off-road vehicles, RVs, commercial vehicles, luxury cars, sports cars, etc., everything. From the beginning of the May drive to the line, Fun Friends Motors has established more than 30 formal car rental companies and has received praise from users and partners.

However, this is not all we have to do. Customer-centric, never-ending optimization, introduction of new experiences, new gameplay, and “a closeness of solutions to all issues” will also be our goal of constant development and commitment to development. We are confident that In the near future, Fun Friends Vehicles will appear at the forefront of the local Internet industry in Yunnan with a refined attitude to improve the traditional car rental model. Bring a whole new experience to more users with car rental needs.

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