"Valin CM6D28 Engine and Star Kama Powertrain" passed provincial technical appraisal

On December 29, 2012, the Anhui Provincial Department of Science and Technology organized and organized the product appraisal meeting of Hualing CM6D28 Engine and Star Kema Powertrain developed and produced by Anhui Hualing Automobile Co., Ltd. in Maanshan City.

The appraisal was attended by Su Wanhua, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Xu Genying, Director of Anhui Science and Technology Department, Yao Chunde, Professor of the State Key Laboratory of Internal Combustion Engines, Feng Xiaodong, Senior Engineer of Anhui Machinery Industry Association, and Ren Xiaochang, Researcher of China Automotive Engineering Research Institute, China Internal Combustion Engine. Wei Anli, a senior engineer of the Industrial Association, Zuo Chengji, a professor at Hefei University of Technology, Zu Bingfeng, a senior engineer at the Tianjin Internal Combustion Engine Research Institute, and Zhang Chu, a researcher at Changsha Zhongchuan Machinery Co., Ltd., composed of 8 experts to form the appraisal committee. Academician Su Wanhua served as the chairman of the appraisal committee. Dong and Yao Chunde served as vice chairman. Zhang Xiaolin, Mayor of Maanshan, and Zhang Wenjing, deputy mayor attended the appraisal meeting. The appraisal meeting was chaired by Wang Derun, Director of the Regional Innovation Office of Anhui Science and Technology Department.

Valin CM6D28 Engine and Star Kama Powertrain Product Certification

Valin CM6D28 Engine and Star Kama Powertrain Product Certification

Experts inspected the production site and prototypes, listened to the technical report made by the research group, reviewed the relevant materials, and after questioning and discussion, formed the following appraisal opinions: The provided information was complete, standardized, and the data was detailed and in line with the requirements for identification. The product follows the positive development flow and completes product design, development and verification. The engine structure adopts in-line 6-cylinder, integral cylinder head, four-valve, overhead camshaft and rear gear train. Adopting an electronically controlled high pressure common rail fuel injection system with an explosion pressure of 190 bar, a maximum power of 322 kW in the cylinder, a weighted fuel consumption of 200 g/kW.h in accordance with 13 conditions, meeting the national IV and the national 5 emission standards, and having the potential to upgrade Euro VI emissions. , B10 life of 1 million kilometers, with low speed and high torque, energy saving, environmental protection, safety and reliability advantages. The product has the following main innovations: The integral cylinder head with double water jackets improves the rigidity of the whole machine; the cylinder head adopts the cooling water flow from top to bottom, which reduces the thermal load in the nose bridge area; the cylinder block adopts a gantry type symmetrical belt. The hollow cavity structure improves the rigidity of the body and reduces the weight of the whole machine. Products through the National Automobile Quality Supervision and Inspection Center certification, product manufacturing process is mature, product quality control testing means complete, the company passed the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, has formed the ability of industrialization. To sum up, the appraisal committee believes that the technical level of this product has reached the international advanced level, has a catalytic effect on the technological progress of the industry, and agreed to pass the appraisal.

At the appraisal meeting, Liu Hanru, chairman of Valin Xingma Automobile Group, briefly introduced the basic situation, development history, technological innovation and R&D of the powertrain. He said that we started as a special car. In 2002, we began negotiations with Japan's Mitsubishi Corporation for a heavy truck project. In 2003, the company went public. After many setbacks, although our heavy-duty truck project got a "skilled card," but the engine project did not get, it can be said that the greatest wish of a trucker - the heart problem is not solved, or a little regrettable, but we are not discouraged. Five years ago, we began to work on the engine project because many years ago we had the experience of international cooperation. Therefore, all our work has been carried out smoothly. We have cooperated with relevant agencies engaged in global engine development to integrate the strengths of research and development. According to our needs, do our products. A product is very difficult to develop, and it is not easy to produce it. Then it is difficult to test it out to the market. It should be said that we have gone smoothly in the previous stages, so I said that Valin's Every step is very practical and it is not easy. We have paid too much, but I am gratified that fortunately we have gained. Today everyone saw our production process equipment. This is a production condition. Our laboratory and inspection line are also well-established. However, I think that the most important thing for a company is not hard power but soft power. Confidence is more important than anything else, like the ad phrase "I can." I think the biggest gain for Valin over the past few years has been the training of a team, so I said I believe in young people. In front of academicians and experts, it is an excellent guide for training for all of us in this project team. Although the company is small, but our ambition is not small, we must be the world’s leading domestic best engine.

It is understood that the engine and transmission are the core components of the car and play a crucial role in the overall performance of the vehicle. The Hualing Powertrain Project is aimed at the most advanced international technologies and design concepts. It has advanced technologies, such as Smarman, Scania and other top-notch international heavy-duty engines. The performance indicators have reached the international advanced level and can meet domestic requirements. Outside different market needs. The powertrain successfully passed the provincial technical appraisal, which showed that the independent innovation capability of Hualing Automotive further obtained the authoritative approval from the government management department and experts, and was a test of Valin's technological innovation strength.

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