U.S. probe begins to take pictures of Pluto

Tencent Science News New Horizons (also known as New Horizons, New Horizons) launched in 2006, representing NASA's ambitious deep space exploration program. After nine years of arduous flight, on January 26, 2015, Beijing time, New Horizons began shooting Pluto images. This is the first time that human detectors have been exploring Pluto in close proximity.

New Horizons flew more than 9 years ago. After many hibernations, it also photographed Jupiter and Saturn last year. After flying over 5 billion kilometers, it was awakened again in December 2014. It will fly near Pluto on July 14, 2015. At present, the detector is about 200 million kilometers away from Pluto, and the first photos will be just a few light spots, and the captured images may be some light spots in the sky. As Pluto gets closer and closer, the quality of Pluto and its satellite photographs taken by the probe will become higher and higher. NASA said that the quality of the photo taken by the detector in May 2015 will exceed that of the Hubble Telescope; by July, the photo will be “very spectacular and exciting.

The images taken recently will play a role in relocating the detectors in the future. Based on the important reference data provided by the image, the researchers will calculate the remaining distance and corresponding position of the detector and Pluto, and make adjustments to ensure that the detector is at the best angle when it flies Pluto's nearest distance, safely reaching the reservation site. The new horizon is expected to fly over Pluto with a closest distance of 13,695 kilometers on July 14, 2015.