Transformer core fault treatment method you know?

Transformer core fault local failure and repair process are as follows:

When the insulation between the upper iron yoke plates is aged, and the other cores are normal, as long as the upper iron yoke laminations are removed to remove the paint film and paint, the other parts do not need to move.

Old-fashioned transformers broke due to the core-insulated bolts and the partial iron shorts caused partial short-circuits in the iron core. When repairing, the upper yoke should be removed, the faulty phase windings should be hoisted, and the cored bolt with broken insulation pipe should be removed.

If there are not many short circuits and the depth is not deep, use a special spatula to remove the sticky burrs, and then apply No. 1032 paint. Take this opportunity to dismantle all the core bolts on the core column, and then replace the core bolts with a latitude banding for fastening. However, it should be noted that the no-strike straps should not be too thick to prevent them from affecting the windings. Generally, the distribution transformer has no tie straps with a thickness of 1 to 2 mm. If necessary, several tie straps may be added to reduce the thickness of the tie straps. If the short-circuited laminations are severely burned and the depth is deeper and they are already bonded together, remove the core laminations, remove the short-circuits with a flat spade and remove the burrs. After the flattening, remove the residual film and repaint it. And dry it.

Ground fault causes a short circuit in the chip. During processing, remove the sticky laminations on the surface of the iron core with a thin flat spade to remove burrs and paint.

Iron yoke clips or other metal parts are loose, causing vibration, resulting in iron core overheat discoloration, film burnt and so on. After inspection, the faulty piece is removed and repaired when the fault is serious, and the intact part does not move. When assembling damaged laminates, the repaired and intact laminates are interleaved and mixed. After repairs, do iron loss and temperature rise tests.

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