The year-end awards gave birth to “naked jumpers” Experts: The job change does not affect the award

The year-end awards gave birth to the "naked jump family" Experts: The job change does not affect the award-winning diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2013-01-09

Year-end and year-end, "year-end award" has once again become the topic of discussion in the workplace. Wu Yongqiang, National Voice Youth Association member and special commentator on the economy, discussed the topic.
In 2012, the year-end awards of many enterprises across the country appeared to be lower than expected, and a new ethnic group, the nudity jump group, was also created, which was a job person who resigned before the year-end award. At the end of the year, the year-end workforce is looking forward to the time when the legendary year-end awards are sufficient to determine the livelihood of the coming spring. However, the economic downturn has led more and more companies to opt out of year-end awards or "shameless" year-end awards.
Wu Yongqiang: The year-end award for professional people means that he recognizes his work, ability, level, performance, etc. in one year. It is not only the psychological expectation of human nature, but also a proper and reasonable summary of the work. The establishment of year-end awards is not only important for employees, but also important for enterprises. From the management point of view, appropriate and reasonable scientific reward and punishment mechanisms will effectively increase work efficiency and promote the development of enterprises.
The research report on the 2012 year-end awards recently released shows that compared with 2011, nearly 60% of the respondents in 2012 stated that they would slightly raise the year-end bonus, and 10% of the companies will remain unchanged, while more than 30% will cut the year-end awards. .
Wu Yongqiang: It is not ruled out that the operating conditions of some industries and some enterprises are affected by the economic environment and have declined. I think that even in a state of self-management, the award of year-end awards can be completely avoided through some skillful design to avoid the impact of poor corporate harvest. For example, to buy new products or leave for employees as disguised benefits, so employees will have a better feeling.
For many enterprise employees, there are "two defenses" to go home every holiday: to prevent friends and relatives from asking to find men and women; and to ask what kind of year-end prizes were sent. Many companies have also failed to announce the status of the year-end awards that have led to the emergence of "naked jump" families.
Wu Yongqiang: One of the big differences between the market economy and the planned economy in the past is the emphasis on self-personality and emphasis on individualized competition. This kind of nudity promotion promotes people who have the expertise or unique skills to choose again.
Many people think that it is not possible to get a company's year-end bonus earlier this year. This is not the case.
Wu Yongqiang: Yes, year-end bonuses should be honored in accordance with the relevant provisions of the labor law. Nearly everyone on the Internet has also listed the year-end awards. For example, the luxury year-end bonus is a house, the fashion year-end bonus is a car, the literary year-end bonus is travel, the year-end bonus is Apple's four-piece set, and the lovely year-end bonus is cash. What is plain is the expectation of the peasant worker's brother: It is as good as a salary slip.
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