The introduction and function of the lighting vehicle

The lighting vehicle is a vehicle that is specially designed to provide mobile lighting to field operations such as nighttime field operations, emergency rescue, accident repair, and abnormal situation handling. Illumination vehicles generally use metal halide lamps as lighting equipment. The advantage of metal halide lamps is that they emit light through the internal air discharge of the light emitting tube. There is no broken wire and long service life.


Compared with the power metal halide lamp and the iodine tungsten lamp, the brightness is 6 times that of the iodine tungsten lamp, the service life is 5 times that of the iodine tungsten lamp, and the power consumption is only 1/5 of that of the iodine tungsten lamp. The structure of the lighting vehicle consists of a body assembly, a body pole, and a lighting fixture; the body assembly is equipped with 2-4 wheels, an anti-rollback bracket, and a generator as a power; the vehicle body can be established by a winch or a hydraulic device. The rod raises or lowers the height; on the pole is where the lamps are placed, each lamp can be rotated horizontally to illuminate in multiple directions. In conventional lighting vehicles, cast-light lighting fixtures are used, with concentrated illumination and distance. It is mostly used in construction sites where large roads, closed highways, airports, docks, and open-pit mining require large light intensity and long distances. The ball-type lighting vehicle adopts a lighting ball lamp that is made of imported aerospace synthetic fiber material with high transmissivity and waterproofness, and can achieve anti-glare, bright, shadowless, and 360-degree wide-range lighting. It is especially suitable for places requiring safe construction such as national highways and open highways. Energy efficient

Mobile lighting lamps and lanterns use aluminum alloy die-casting lamps, lighting area and brightness, and the use of stainless steel lighting fixtures can adjust the focal length to achieve spotlight or floodlight flexible switching. It is generally composed of four 1000W energy efficient lamp holders, which can be adjusted according to the needs of the site. In terms of overall lighting, the light intensity is high, the range is large, and the lamp life is long. Lifting performance adopts 3-section telescopic cylinder as lifting adjustment method to facilitate height adjustment. Power generators are used directly to provide maximum illumination.

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