The hardest rock and ore crusher Metso SUPERIOR® coarse crusher

  Metso SUPERIOR® coarse crushing gyratory crusher (below)

Metso SUPERIOR® coarse crush gyratory crushers for the most demanding crushing requirements, fixed and semi-mobile Applications, the hardest rock and ore, ground and underground applications.

Recognized as a global leader, Metso Mining & Construction offers a full range of coarse crush gyratory crushers to meet a wide range of applications. Recognized as a global leader, Metso Mining and Construction Technologies offers a full range of coarse crush gyratory crushers to meet a wide range of application requirements.

Metso's use of computer-aided design in a wide range of process designs gives the Nordberg SUPERIOR® gyratory crusher the largest production capacity and low stress on the associated components. As a result, the SUPERIOR® gyratory crusher delivers higher throughput, lower power requirements, more uniform wear profile distribution across all crusher wear parts, and lower operating costs per ton.

The main features of the SUPERIOR® coarse crush gyratory crusher:

Extremely high production capacity and longest liner life with ultra-heavy racks for long operating life and reliability. Computer-aided design of the crushing chamber ensures optimum production, maintenance and repair convenience.

The SUPERIOR® coarse crush gyratory crusher is suitable for:

The most demanding crushing requirements

Fixed and semi-mobile applications

Hardest rock and ore

Ground and underground applications

The main benefits of the SUPERIOR® coarse gyratory crusher are:

Double counterweight design minimizes dynamic loads transmitted to the support structure

The shoulder of the spindle is provided with a large diameter threaded sleeve can be replaced alloy

Hydraulically driven and controlled positioning system for fast and efficient adjustment of the spindle/moving cone to compensate for lining wear

Equipped with spindle positioning indicator system

Advanced monitoring system prevents overload and overheating


Aluminum bar plate fin structure, the use of high performance Exdâ… or Exdâ…¡explosion-proof motor and high-strength fan leaves, can achieve the best explosion-proof requirements.


Hydraulic system return line, lubrication system, independent cooling circuit cooling.
Coal mining machinery, chemical machinery, oil and gas field machinery, such as hydraulic power station.

Technical Parameters:

Different voltage when there are different power consumption, the table only AC380V / 50Hz as an example.
Fan motor standard for the suction type, protection class IP54, IP55, IP56, IP65, F-class insulation, in line with national Ex and international CE standards.
The noise value is a value at a distance of 1 m.

Please specify the application area and explosion-proof grade (such as Exdâ… BT4 or Exdâ…¡ CT4).

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