The first show of the world's most challenging plateau card game, Dongfeng Tianlong KX Peru market became famous

In the Peruvian market, the most important plateau mineral area in the world, it has always been speaking by strength. Whose plateau has the strongest performance, who is the darling of the market!

At the Carrera de camiones en cerro de pasco, the Peruvian plateau's world-renowned heavy truck short-distance race (Jordan de Camiones en cerro de pasco), the first competition, Dongfeng Tianlong KX won the championship in the group and became the biggest one in this year. Dark horse, and four wins in the PK game, let Peruvian customers fully understand the super power of Dongfeng Tianlong KX, and become famous in the local truck market!

Dongfeng Tianlong KX participated in the Peruvian Plateau Card

The Peruvian Plateau has been held for 15 consecutive years in the world-renowned heavy-duty short-distance race. At the beginning, this event was only a private event organized by American truck brands. However, since 2010, the event has been officially certified by Peru as a national Level racing project. The event is held in the central plateau of Peru, with an average altitude of 4,500 meters. It is one of the highest cities in the world, and it puts higher demands on the adaptability, stability and dynamics of trucks in harsh environments. This requirement also makes the area a testing ground for many well-known truck manufacturers to demonstrate product quality and brand strength. It is reported that in view of the high requirements of the competition for the vehicle, only accepting heavy trucks with more than 12 liters, the participating teams include Scania, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Kenworthy, Wanguo, Mark, Freightliner and other European and American players. Well-known brands, as well as China's heavy truck brands with strong growth momentum such as Dongfeng, China National Heavy Duty Truck and Futian.

The event attracted the world's leading heavy-duty trucks and Peruvian team customers to the plateau of 4,700 meters above sea level in Vicco, in the province of Cerro de Pasco, Peru. The main reason is that the best players in the competition will be more popular with Peru's end customers. - In Peru, the most important plateau mineral area in the world, it has always been the strength to speak.

Although it was the first time to participate in the war, the Dongfeng Tianlong KX was equipped with the same champion partner of the Karl Rally, the ISZ engine, which gave the confidence of the Peruvian Dongfeng dealer SAN BALTORME, and offered to sign up and decided to show the East Windmill in the competition. Dongfeng Tianlong KX also live up to expectations. When it comes to the market, it attracts everyone's attention with its talent value. It attracts on-site customers to come to appreciate and inquire, and expresses a high degree of concern for the “newcomers” on this field. In the next game, the performance of the "newcomer" was even more eye-popping. After two consecutive PK Volvo 480HP heavy trucks, the old teams such as Volvo, Kenworth, SCANIA and International International were chasing and blocking. Under the strong pressure, the Kenworth 500HP heavy truck and the heavy truck 460HP heavy truck were defeated in succession. As a result, the International Automobile Team of the United States finally avoided the Tianlong. For fear of an inadvertently sweeping the name, it can be described as a prestige and full of heroic qualities!

The amazing performance of Dongfeng Tianlong KX in the game can completely conquer the hearts of Peruvians. As a high-end heavy-duty truck developed by Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle for several years, Dongfeng Tianlong KX has accumulated a large number of loyal fans in China after five years of market promotion and product upgrading since its debut in Hannover, Germany. The 2019 Dongfeng Tianlong KX is equipped with a gold power chain consisting of Dongfeng Cummins ISZ 13L engine, DF14 gearbox independently developed by Dongfeng and integrated with Volvo's advanced technology, and Dongfeng Dana axle. The engine performance is further improved and the torque is the highest. Up to 2640Nm, with the technical strength of the international first-line heavy truck.

It is understood that the driver of the Dongfeng Tianlong KX is a semi-professional truck racer specially invited by Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles in Peru's core first-class distributor SAN BALTORME: Orlando yantas ingaruca. He has 5 years of experience in the plateau competition. In many years of competition, he has driven multiple brands of trucks and won the group championship four times. After the event, Orlando said excitedly that the Dongfeng Tianlong KX was the most powerful and maneuverable truck he had driven, and said that he would replace the heavy truck he now runs on the plateau with the Dongfeng Tianlong KX. At the same time, due to the high-light performance of the Dongfeng Tianlong KX in the competition, many local users asked about the configuration and price at the competition site.

According to Zhou Yun, regional manager of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles Overseas Marketing South America, “This competition and won the championship, so that Dongfeng Tianlong KX has gained a lot of market attention.” He said: “The Peruvian market is the key market for Dongfeng commercial vehicles overseas marketing, on the plateau. The demand for high horsepower is obvious, which is the opportunity of Dongfeng Tianlong KX.” Zhou Yun believes that Dongfeng Tianlong KX has obvious advantages in the Peruvian market. According to the Peruvian market regulations, the load capacity of vehicles matching air suspension can be greatly increased, and its power, Maneuverability is very suitable for local market demand.

At the same time, Zhou Yun also said, "This competition has enabled local users to better understand the superior performance of Dongfeng Tianlong KX trucks. At the same time, vehicles have great advantages in price compared to European and American brands."

Of course, for the Dongfeng Tianlong KX, which is entering the Peruvian market, there are still many challenges. Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle will enhance the customer's taking ability through a series of measures. In terms of internationalization strategy, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle pays more attention to the mode and system construction. Zhou Yun will be stationed in Peru from next month to expand the local market. “Knowing, understanding and accepting is a necessary step for product marketing. Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles will continue to expand the network of dealers to provide better services to customers and let them feel the reliable quality of Dongfeng commercial vehicles.” Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle)

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