Shaanxi Automobile's monthly production and sales exceeded 7,000 units

On March 30th, DeLong Heavy Truck, which marks the 7,000th of its monthly production and sales, was grandly rolled off the production line at the Shaanxi Automobile Commercial Vehicle Base. At this point, Shaanxi Automobile's cumulative production and sales of heavy trucks have exceeded 15,000 units in the first quarter. In March, production and sales exceeded 7,000 units, refreshing the monthly production and sales history. At the ceremony, Wang Jianlong, deputy general manager of Shaanxi Auto, stated: “This is a big leap in the development of Shaanxi Auto and an important milestone in the history of Shaanxi Auto.”

In fact, Shaanxi Automobile has benefited from its foundation laid in the past year. As we all know, Shaanxi Auto has built a commercial vehicle base and expanded its production capacity to 30,000 vehicles. At the same time, Shaanxi Auto has formed a “golden supply chain” with Weichai Power, Fast, and Hande, which has greatly increased Shaanxi Automobile's brand awareness. On the other hand, last year Shaanxi Automobile also achieved significant results in the “Year of Quality Improvement” implemented within the company.

Yuan Hongming, the deputy general manager of Shaanxi Auto, said: “Shaanxi has launched quality enhancement activities last year. This work involves all aspects of product design and development, production, sales, and service. The purpose of implementing the 'Year of Quality Improvement' is not only On the basis of maintaining the original quality advantage, Shaanxi Auto has achieved a renewed improvement in quality. It has also enabled all Shaanqi employees to participate in the quality supervision and control, establish a corresponding rewards and penalties system, and improve the quality awareness of employees. A culture of quality and culture.”

Yuan Hongming stated that the practice of Shaanxi Auto is a process of improving quality. In the process of independent research and development, Shaanxi Steam absorbs international advanced technology and adopts international advanced design software. It has performed more than 100 improvements on the product, and the quality of the product has been greatly improved. In the production process, distribution and production are closely linked through lean management. , The product production efficiency and quality are synchronized to increase; In the sales management, guarantee the high-quality product to deliver to the user in a timely manner; In the service process, Shaanxi steam achieves the promptness, the quickness, the convenience, the good faith; Simultaneously, Shaanxi steam has established the quality promotion specially. The inspection team supervises and inspects the implementation and ensures that all kinds of problems are handled in a timely manner. After one year, the quality improvement activities achieved remarkable results: Last year, cumulative sales of heavy trucks exceeded 33,000 units, an increase of 116% year-on-year, and the highest growth rate in a single month reached 298.6%, achieving a production value of 9.6 billion yuan, ranking first in the equipment manufacturing industry in Shaanxi. .

For this year's quality improvement plan, deputy general manager of the Shaanxi Auto Group, Liu Yubin, said that in 2006 Shaanxi Automobile set up 277 quality improvement projects with a completion rate of over 95%. This year, Shaanxi Auto will continue to deepen its quality improvement activities. 234 items. In terms of products, while inheriting the high efficiency and fuel economy of the 2006 models, the new products will be more improved in terms of high reliability and fuel economy. In terms of services, we will fully upgrade the intimate services and steadily promote the "big S service" project. According to reports, Shanxi Auto's “big S service”, Shaanxi Automobile, will combine the service stations of Weichai Power and Fast and form a network of 3,100 ultra-large-scale service networks to fully realize the “whole process of complete vehicles, parts and components assembly and uploading”. "One-stop" service, guarantee of spare parts reserve services, and the establishment of a supply chain joint call center and many other initiatives to provide users with multi-faceted satisfaction services at any time.

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