Root In-situ Monitoring System Effectively Ensures Increase in Crop Production

Modern agriculture advocates scientific farming, which is to carry out agricultural production in accordance with scientific methods and laws. Research shows that such an approach is an important way to increase agricultural production and income. To realize scientific farming, it is necessary to rely on instruments such as the roots' in-situ monitoring system to carry out monitoring, to understand the actual conditions of the crops and the relationship with the soil and the environment, so as to guide the development of agricultural operations and effectively protect the increase in crop production.
As an important part of crops to obtain nutrients and moisture, the roots are closely related to the extension of crops, and the development of modern science and technology has made the roots in-situ monitoring system have been specifically applied. The development of root in-situ monitoring systems stems from the needs of real scientific research. Now, people use the in-situ root monitoring system to perform tomographic scans and three-dimensional imaging of the roots of plants to achieve non-destructive testing of plant roots.
The in-situ root monitoring system is of great significance in the development of modern agriculture and the increase of farmers' income. It can be explained by a few simple examples. For example, soil infectious diseases in China have great harm to crops. When a soil infection occurs, crops cannot be planted in the first quarter. Local farmers suffer great economic damage, and soil infections have a certain relationship with root systems. Therefore, through the in-situ root monitoring system,
Further monitoring and prevention combined with pest treatment will be a very good application area. In addition, the use of root system in-situ monitoring system to study the relationship between grain crop roots and yield, determine the optimal water and fertilizer program, can promote food industry efficiency. In addition, land desertification treatment and soil remediation rely mainly on plant roots, and the use of root-based in-situ monitoring systems is conducive to improving the ecological environment.
Therefore, the application significance of the in-situ root monitoring system is very important, especially for some valuable Chinese herbal medicines grown in China. The medicinal parts of these herbs are mostly underground rhizomes, and they are monitored by the in-situ root monitoring system for a long time. It can effectively guarantee the demand for clinical drugs and the quality of Chinese medicine products, so as to ensure the increase in the production of Chinese herbal medicines and other crops, and improve the planting level and planting efficiency of China's agriculture.

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