"Road doctor" Su Jiahang high-speed display of secondary regeneration

After a long period of use, the asphalt pavement will have a certain degree of decline in road performance. The geothermal regeneration technology has become one of the most respected conservation technologies in recent years because of its environmental protection, high efficiency and high quality.

Then, if the road surface after the maintenance of the geothermal regeneration technology is used for a long time, how to maintain it? Can you regenerate the geothermal heat again?

Let's go to the Sujiahang Expressway in March this year to have a look!

Prudent decision

Sujiahang Expressway is the only fast track in the north-south direction of Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province. It not only communicates the economic ties between northern Jiangsu and southern Jiangsu, but also promotes social exchanges between Jiangsu Province and Zhejiang Province, connecting two “paradise on earth”. However, with the increasing traffic volume of the Sujiahang Expressway, especially the heavy vehicles continue to increase, causing rutting and other diseases in some sections.

In March of this year, when the road was warm and cold, many road maintenance companies continued the festive and lazy Spring Festival. As usual in the "cat winter", Yingda's Orange Iron Army has appeared in the Sujiahang Expressway.

Indah unit single-lane construction, easy to deal with Sujiahang super-large traffic

As we all know, Sujiahang high-speed traffic is very large. The daily maintenance of such expressways is a headache for the management department: road maintenance is impossible; no road maintenance, safety, quality can guarantee? ?

The custody department once again thought of the old road friend who had repeatedly treated the Jiangsu highway for healing and healing. Its professional construction team, orderly construction process and excellent construction quality left a deep impression on all parties.

Over the years, Yingda has been maintaining the Sujiahang Expressway five times, and has almost become a “full-time doctor” of Sujiahang Expressway. The road section planned for maintenance is the road surface after the maintenance of Yingda in 2010. Although it has been used for 8 years, compared with the traditional technology, the probability of occurrence of secondary road disease is greatly reduced, saving a lot of daily maintenance costs.

Yingda has been on the Sujiahang Expressway five times and has carried out maintenance construction for road ruts and cracks of different road sections.

However, has it been through the on-site heat regeneration construction, can it be regenerated twice? What about the effect of secondary heat regeneration? ... New problems have come one after another, and the custody department is in doubt and hesitant. Knowing this situation, the "road doctor" from the theoretical basis to the experimental data, put the facts, the case, explain in a simple way, dispelled the doubts of the custody department.

The professional road doctor's medical procedure is started...

Liu Deng Su Jiahang

First of all, the professional team of the “high, precise and sharp” research center appeared: road patrol, sampling, testing, analysis, discussion... In just a few days, a second hot for the Sujiahang Expressway tailored and comprehensive The regenerative construction plan was submitted to the management department desk: Where is the road disease? How should it be treated? What is the best treatment? What is the treatment tool? How long is the treatment cycle? Clear and clear, let the management department disappear.

Then the appearance is an experienced and efficient construction team: the traffic diversion plan before construction, the customized on-site heat regeneration construction organization during construction, and the multi-level comprehensive inspection after construction. The whole set of construction is in one go, the flow is flowing, the time is not urgent, the leisure is not easy. , successfully completed all maintenance tasks.

Indah's "international leading" intermittent heat radiation heating technology ensures that the road surface after secondary regeneration is like a new life

The orange on-site heat recovery unit slowly advanced at a speed of 4 meters per minute. A new road surface gradually appeared in front of the road without affecting the high-speed traffic on both sides of the road.

The relevant person in charge of this maintenance project of Sujiahang Expressway said: "Indah's "internationally leading" on-site heat recovery unit, 100% of the original road surface recycling, no waste generated throughout the whole process, limited time-shift every day, not only guarantees the highway Safe and smooth driving also ensures the progress of road maintenance."

After the completion of the construction, the third-party test report proves that the choice of Sujiahang Expressway is correct—compactness, flatness, water permeability coefficient, friction coefficient, and construction depth are all qualified. This fully demonstrates that the asphalt pavement can be repeatedly constructed repeatedly using the in-situ heat regeneration technology to maximize resource conservation.

This Sujiahang high-speed secondary regeneration project has been made into the world's first in-situ thermal regeneration VR video by “Road Doctor” Yingda. This “black technology” can directly “walk through” the experience to the construction site.

This case has undoubtedly become the best annotation for the road maintenance industry to respond to the country's call for green transportation and building an environmentally friendly society. (This article is from Indah Technology)

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