Research on Calculation Method of Compressed Air Consumption of Pneumatic Welding Fixture

Research on Calculation Method of Compressed Air Consumption of Pneumatic Welding Fixture Wang Shaojie Machinery Industry Tianjin Design and Research Institute, Tianjin 300190.

1 Discussion on the necessity of the compressed air consumption of pneumatic welding fixtures Welding fixtures are indispensable process equipment for assembly and welding work in the modern large-scale automobile production process. It not only ensures the relative position of the workpiece welding, but also improves labor productivity and reduces labor intensity, and more importantly, guarantees product quality. In a large-scale automobile production line like Tianjin Steam. A large number of efficient and fast pneumatic welding fixtures are often required to meet the requirements of automotive production. Due to the large number and high requirements of these welding fixtures, which directly affect the quality of the products, it is particularly important to determine the amount of compressed air consumed by these fixtures at the beginning of the design. Because these values ​​are determined, their accuracy directly affects the selection of power facilities and pipelines. If the values ​​are too large or too small, pressure loss or unnecessary waste of resources may occur, and adverse effects such as vibration or noise may occur. Therefore, according to the actual situation in the design work, that is, the specific known conditions, how to quickly and accurately calculate the compressed air consumption of the pneumatic welding fixture becomes the key to solve the problem.

2 Pneumatic welding jig Compressed air consumption calculation method Comparison calculation method to find the maximum gas consumption and hourly average gas consumption The welding gas of the welding fixture is the gas equipment without the gas cylinder. The round gas service mainly refers to the equipment that relies on the cylinder to complete the action. The structure of the cylinder is many, and the piston type cylinder is the most common. Therefore, the piston type one-way cylinder is taken as an example to calculate the gas consumption of the welding fixture.

Maximum air consumption. The amount of air consumed to charge the cylinders is divided by the time required for each charge.

The amount of air consumed for the trip.

Inflation time of the heart.

When the average speed of the piston of the cylinder working stroke is known, the device hour K correction factor. Considering that the cylinder's inflation pressure is insufficient, the cylinder stroke utilizes the air volume correction factor such as the non-damage leakage factor, etc. The piston area 1 that is subjected to the compressed air pressure during the working stroke is supplied to the cylinder's compressed air working pressure, and is pressed by the pressure gauge during the working stroke. The average violation of the cylinder pistons is 12,3 〃〃, 〃. The maximum is 6, oh! . Average hourly air consumption.

Average hourly air consumption. It is equal to the product of the air consumption per cycle of the equipment and the average number of work cycles per hour.

Then, how to determine the gas consumption of the cylinder cycle in the cylinder of the formula 13 is determined by the following formula K. Considering the shortage of the cylinder's inflation pressure, the cylinder stroke utilization, the leakage correction factor, the gas loss correction factor, the k loss factor, and the air volume correction factor of the inflating pressure in the cylinder without the stroke and the insufficient leakage. When the piston speed is high or the machining accuracy is high, the smaller the value of the coefficient, the larger the reverse. , K. clearance volume, including the cylinder clearance volume and the volume of the compressed air duct from the ventilation valve to the cylinder, the compressed air working pressure of the Pi. cylinder, the pressure gauge, the piston area subjected to the compressed air pressure during the working stroke 2, there is also an intuitive and simple design and research institute that is willing to be used by the designer to work on the welding workshop process design.

The modern trade and industry is based on the improved 8 neural network electric heating furnace temperature, 10 control research Huang Haoqiangxia University, Yichang 443002, Hubei, Abstract The electric heating furnace is the control object, and the control strategy based on the fast neural network is proposed. In view of the slowness of the learning speed of this network and the poor generalization ability, the guidance of the linear search method is used to improve the traditional neural network and improve the convergence characteristics of the algorithm in the training process. Finally, the simulation results prove the effectiveness of the control strategy. 1 Based on the 8 neural network, the control 6 algorithm is suitable for the learning of multi-layer neural networks under the guidance of the instructor. It is based on the gradient descent method. The theory proves that an 8 network with a hidden layer can achieve any continuous nonlinear function with arbitrary precision.

6 The neural network structure consists of the layer of the input layer of the hidden layer of the input layer, so that the neuron state of the output layer corresponds, and the 3 controller coefficients are adjusted so that the neural network output corresponds to some optimal control law! Controller parameters.

Based on the 88331叩1.00 network, the control system structure is difficult. Therefore, I believe that in the design work, we should strive to improve the process of simplifying and optimizing the calculation. For example, in the project design of the Tianjin white car body-loading welding workshop that I just completed, since the equipment manufacturer has been determined in the construction design stage, the equipment manufacturer can be required to provide detailed equipment hours according to the production program of the product. The average number of times of work, when the calculation method of the hourly average air consumption in the calculation method is directly applied, the hourly average air consumption of the compressed air can be quickly and accurately determined. According to the hourly average gas consumption of the gas service equipment = the maximum gas consumption of the equipment hour, and the relationship between the equipment utilization coefficient equipment and the actual use of the public medium, the rapid determination of the maximum hourly gas consumption is carried out, and the compressed air is accurately determined for the subsequent professional. The conveying pipe diameter provides design basis, which avoids the difficulty of determining the time required for each inflation of the maximum hourly consumption in the calculation method.

3 Conclusions and Conclusions It is not difficult to see through the above analysis that the method is fast and intuitive but has limited limitations. The calculation method is too cumbersome, and the clever application of simplified calculation methods can improve the design accuracy and speed, which can help us compare in the design process. Accurate and rapid determination of the air consumption of the compressed air, to achieve the optimal design method is to estimate the cylinder diameter and stroke length, according to the hourly maximum and hourly average air consumption of the pneumatic clamp.

Row scale cylinders the most fire for each reciprocating line single action average clamping air consumption volume drawing degree force 1 to, the number of times 10 hours maximum hour average note 1 compressed air working pressure 6001; 2 sea main complex stroke gas consumption Considering the clearance part of the pneumatic clamp and the pipeline capacity between the valve and the clamp for 3 hours, the average air consumption has been considered for continuous leakage during use; 4 The diameter of the cylinder should be determined according to factors such as the required tightening force.

5 When the number of times of hourly tightening is greater than this data. The hourly average air consumption should be appropriately increased.

Through many years of actual design work, the calculation method is still relatively accurate, but the work of determining the gas consumption according to the method described above is rather cumbersome. Moreover, the author finds that the original data in the actual design process sometimes can not meet the requirements, so sometimes it will bring the trapping composition to the application of the above method, and the conventional 0 controller directly performs closed-loop control on the controlled object, and

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