Praising diversified Cummins was selected as one of the top 50 diversified companies for nine consecutive years

Cummins has once again been named by the Diversity Inc.’s list of “ Top 50 Diversified Companies ”. This is the ninth consecutive year that Cummins has won this honor. This year, Cummins ranked 21st among all 1,600 companies selected.

Cummins has been a Top 50 Diversified Company for 9 consecutive years
Cummins has been a Top 50 Diversified Company for 9 consecutive years

A diverse employee team is the key to Cummins’ success

Kelley Creveling, Executive Director of Cummins Diversity and Work Environments, said: “We are very pleased to be a consistent list of the top 50. Cummins values ​​the value of diversity and it is the key to the success of a global company. With Cummins in the existing market With the growth and expansion of new business, we need employees with different experiences and backgrounds to drive innovation in the competition and help our customers succeed.”

Steve Chapman, vice president of Cummins Group, shares a diverse corporate philosophy with employees
Steve Chapman, vice president of Cummins Group, shares a diverse corporate philosophy with employees

In Cummins's history of nearly one hundred years, multiculturalism and committed innovation are the core values ​​that Cummins has long practiced. More than 55,000 employees all over the world come from different regions and have different cultures and backgrounds. This difference has brought Cummins' multi-color. "Haihe River is full of people and safeguards people's dignity." Enterprises will embrace individual differences and will eventually benefit from these differences. Cummins believes that our ability to create wealth depends on our ability to innovate. A diversified team of employees and a diverse corporate atmosphere are the best soil for innovation.

Luke Visconti, founder and CEO of Diversity Inc., said: “This year, more than 1,600 companies have participated in the selection of the Top 50, and the number of companies has increased by 30% compared to previous years. More and more companies are endorsing diversity. The importance of corporate value, diversity directly affects the recruitment and cohesion of new generation employees."

The selection of the diversified list is based on the analysis of 183 parameters and 300 questionnaires. The four different weights of the assessment content are: talent planning, talent development and equal opportunities, CEO and management's commitment to diversification and supplier diversity. Cummins's award-winning reviews are: "Outstanding Supplier Diversity, Various Human Resource Groups and Diversity Boards." When Cummins selects suppliers, it plans to help those ethnic minority groups, women, and disabled companies create businesses that will help them implement their diversity concepts by helping them succeed.

Steve Chapman, vice president of Cummins Group, shares a diverse corporate philosophy with employees

In China, Cummins has established 18 diversity committees and more than 50 focus groups. These diversification committees and focus groups spread the concept of diversity among more than 9,000 employees in Cummins China and promote a core value of diversity through a series of activities. The rich and varied activities include diversified photography competitions, business organization and function introduction, cultural sharing, diversified training, and inclusive behavior promotion. In addition, Cummins China also pays attention to women's, new employees, and internships in the company's career development and the harmonious development of work and life. Supplier diversification is also an indispensable part of Cummins' development in China. The diversified supplier system has also further enhanced the core competitiveness of Cummins.

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