Port Wireless Transmission Application Solution

I. Project requirements

In the construction of port terminals, because of the complex layout of the environment, especially in the offshore operations area, it is not suitable for large-area cable laying under the influence of tides; in operation areas, such as container yards, etc., it is not allowed to open overhead lines and is not suitable for laying cables. Network, port operations area, but also the need for mobile network operations at any time. In such an extremely complicated environment, how to ensure the safety of transport production and cargoes has become the most concerned issue for port terminal managers. In the past, monitoring of the area was basically carried out by people visiting the site or spot-checking. Not only was the monitoring time and space very limited, but also the efficiency was low. Therefore, a mature application of the video surveillance system was continuously applied to the port terminal. Fundamentally solved the above problem. Therefore, using the wireless LAN technology to construct the basic communication platform is very practical and effective. The wireless digital network that supports high mobility, high confidentiality, and strong anti-jamming capability can meet the needs of various operational systems for port operations, and can also realize the need for remote monitoring of key areas in ports.

Second, typical application

The typical application of the port industry wireless network is:

1. Long-distance data communication can realize two-way transmission of real-time information between the control room and the job site. Such as sending work equipment dispatching instructions, container dispatching instructions, container pick-up/falling box arrangement instructions, and loading/unloading operations instructions to the job site; on-site real-time work personnel can send real-time job information back to the reactor through the wireless network. Field management control center, such as real-time on-site container location information confirmed to the yard management and control system, the central control personnel can easily continue to operate on this yard site; the working status of large-scale operating machinery and various data indicators, can be Real-time transmission to the central control room enables real-time dynamic monitoring of on-site operating machinery.

2. Long-distance wireless monitoring The installation of a video surveillance system at a port terminal has its own particularities. This is mainly due to the on-site environment. As most of the main environments of the port terminal are completed early in construction, the area is open, the ground is fixed and flat, and the large trucks and container goods often move. The traditional cable monitoring system erected or buried is basically infeasible, and is based on advanced wireless technology monitoring. The system became the first choice for the port terminal.

Third, the program's advantages and features:

Shenzhen Science and Technology Port Terminal Wireless Monitoring System is built on the basis of wireless OFDM microwave technology based on IP. The series of wireless products have undergone rigorous production process and strict testing methods, and the products can operate well in any geographical climate environment. This technology has already experienced development for many years, and it is very mature at present. The technology works in the nationally approved 5Ghz frequency range, and has good frequency resources, which can guarantee the smooth and rapid application of customers. Through reasonable link planning and can solve the impact of network construction caused by a complex environment, the current port infrastructure will not be destroyed, and overhead or buried cables will not be used to quickly build networks; at the same time, the wireless network of Shenzhen Science and Technology will pass high quality. The wireless bridge, wireless aggregation technology, wireless routing technology, and wireless jumper technology can provide 100Mbps stable and secure high-bandwidth data transmission channels, which fully satisfy the stable transmission of port terminal monitoring video information and other data.

In the wireless monitoring system of Shenzhen Port Technology's port and docks, the wireless network has become the most ideal network solution for bayonet monitoring with its high flexibility, convenience, mobility, low cost, and protection of user investment. This system has the following functions: Provide accurate real-time all-weather image information, and securely store it for future reference; provide clues and evidence for cases such as safe transportation production, anti-theft and anti-robbery; provide video for cargo transit, cargo ship arrival, etc. Data data; Accurate statistics on the flow of cargo ships and cargoes to provide scientific data for rational deployment of equipment, personnel, and improvement of management levels. Adapt to a variety of complex environments, through comprehensive wireless technology, can be set up at any location monitoring points, and then through the relay point for data transmission.
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