Our new product of Stair Home Lift

Our new product of Stair Home Lift

In order to meet the needs of customers` s new needs, our company is now launching a new style of home Lift, the details as below:

1.The Home Lift Picture:

Home Lift

2.Our Models:

No. Platform Size Load Capacity Lifting Height
1. 1495*800 mm 150 kg 600 mm
2. 1495*800 mm
220 kg 600 mm
3. 1495*800 mm
150 kg 800 mm
4. 1495*800 mm
220 kg 800 mm
5. 1495*800 mm
150 kg 1000 mm
6. 1495*800 mm
220 kg 1000 mm
7. 1650*800 mm 150 kg 1200 mm
8. 1650*800 mm 220 kg 1200 mm
3.The details Pictures:

Home Lifts

Home Lifts details

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Aluminum Lift:

Brief Introduction: Aluminum Lift, is a kind of vertical mast lift for aerial work. The lift is made of high strength aluminum alloy, powered though hydraulic pump to drive the chain. The design is reasonable. This kind of aerial lift is produced according to the final height, single mast, double masts, 3 masts, 4 masts, and 6 masts. It is popular because of its beautiful shape, small size, light weight, balanced lift and safety.



Compact main body, small volume, do not occupy much space, and easy to move.

When lifting up or down, there are three buttons control the lift, up, down, and stop.

Lifting height: 4m, 6m, 8m, 10m, etc. the max height can reach 24m.

Great load capacity: From 100 kg to 250 kg, 125% capacity load test. Skid proof platform.

Sensitive overload protection device: Locking device for falling protection.

Explosion-proof valve: Protect hydraulic pipe from rupture.

Spillover valve: Adjust the pressure, prevent high pressure when the machine moves up.

Emergency decline valve: It can go down in case of an emergency.

Phase lack & phase dislocation protection.



This kind of vertical man lift is widely used in star hotels, modern workshop, business hall, lobby, restaurant, railway stations, exhibition hall and shopping malls, etc. for the stuff maintenance, painting, changing lights, cleaning the window, electric device, etc.


Reference Picture:

Aluminum Lift

Aluminum Lift

Aluminum Lift

Aluminum Lift

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