Oil tanker leaks the correct way to handle

In the process of using the tanker , oil spillage defects often occur. It will directly affect the technical function of the car, resulting in the waste of lubricating oil and fuel, consumption of power, affecting the regularity of vehicle volume, and contributing to environmental pollution. Due to the leakage of oil and the reduction of lubricant inside the machine, the poor lubrication of the parts and the lack of cooling will cause the parts to be damaged in the early stages, and even leave the incident in danger.
1, pay attention to the role of tank liners. The gaskets between the stationary parts of the vehicle (such as the joint end faces, the end caps, the housing, the cover mats, the planar cover plate, etc.) function as a leak-proof seal. If the materials, production quality, and equipment do not meet the technical standards, the sealing leak-proof effect will not be achieved, and even the occurrence of events. Such as the oil pan or valve cover, due to the large contact area and difficult to compact, thus constituting an oil spill.
2, all kinds of fastening nuts on the car must be tightened according to the rules of torque. If the pressure is too tight, the gasket will leak; if too tight, it will cause the metal around the screw hole of the oil tanker to bulge or screw the screw to slip and cause oil leakage. In addition, if the oil drain plug of the oil pan is not tightened or falls back, the oil is simply lost, and then the machine damage of “burning and holding the shaft” occurs.
3. Replace fuel tanker failure seals in time. Many moving parts on the car (such as oil seals, O-rings) will be improper due to improper equipment, journals and oil seal blade edge, oil tanker swing and throw oil. Some oil seals are used for too long will lose their elasticity due to aging rubber. Found that leakage should be updated.
4, to avoid check valve, vent valve blocked. As a result, the temperature in the enclosure rises, the oil and gas fills the entire space, and the emissions do not go out. As a result, the pressure in the enclosure increases and the lubricant consumption increases and the replacement cycle shortens. After the engine's ventilation system is blocked, the piston's movement resistance is increased and the fuel consumption is increased. Due to the effect of the difference in air pressure between the table and the tank of the oil tanker , it often results in oil leakage in the sealed thin place. Therefore, the vehicle must be checked, cleared and cleaned.
5. Properly dispose of all kinds of oil pipe joint seals for tank trucks . The joint nut of the vehicle is often dismantled, and the slip wire is simply broken and loose, which can cause oil leakage. Replace the joint nut of the oil tanker and dispose of the cone seal with the grinding method to tighten the nut and handle the seal.

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