New Hot Sale Radial PCR Tyres with Good Discount

Model NO.: 205/55r16
Inner Tube: Without Inner Tube
Spare Tire Type: Full-size Spare Tire
Spare Tire: Non-Spare Tire
Brand: Kebek
Car Tyre Name: New Hot Sale Radial PCR Tyres with Good Discount
Suitable to: Car Tyre
Major Machines of Producting Tyre: Germany
Steel Cord: Italy
Natural Rubber of Car Tyre: Malaysia
Engineer Team: Hankook
Car Tyre Certificate: DOT ECE ISO
Car Tyre Warranty: 50000km
Tyre: Car Tyre
Trye Sizes: 195/60r14
Trademark: KEBEK
Transport Package: Sizes Stickers and Container Loads for Car Tyre
Specification: car tyre 205/55r16
Origin: China
HS Code: 40111000
New Hot Sale Radial PCR Tyres with Good Discount
New Hot Sale Radial PCR Tyres With Good Discount

We are manufacturer of all kinds of tyres including car tyres, truck tyres, agricultural tyres, industrial tyres and otr tyres. For more information about our tyres, please refer to our website:

Any Questions about tyres, please contact us freely. 

1.Car Tyre Description

1)Characters of our car tyre:

**ECE/E-SOUND/ DOT /GCC /SONCAP/INMETRO certificats, popuar in more than 96 countries, your best choices in car tyre

**Passenger car tyre, light car tyre, uhp car tyre, suv car tyre with new designs in different patterns avaible for different use

** passenger car tyre, uhp car tyre, suv car tyre designs with special compounds, cope with extreme cold and hot weather,

** passenger car tyre, uhp car tyre, suv car tyre with wide tread, designs with special compound with low-rolling to save cost

**Safe: high wet grip grade ensures a short braking distance and low aquaplaning probability

**Comfortable: unique pattern design absorbs road vibration and reduces noise

**Economic: the use of silicone efficiently decrease rolling resistance.

**Green: lower noise and lower oil consumption leads to less carbon emission to environment

2) car tyre sizes of 13'-24' in 300 sizes, most popular one as following:

175/70R13, 185/65R14, 195/60R15, 205/55R16, 205/45R17, 235/40R18, 235/35R19, 225/35R20, 265/35R22, 305/35R24

Winter tyres, all season tyre  and Summer tyres all avaible in good price, pieces of photos of our working shop for your reference, we wish we are your china factory to offer you all your needs.
3)More sizes of car tyre

Tyre Size
Load index&Speed symbol Standard rim Load capacity Pressure Tread Depth Tyre inflated dimension
Section width Overall diameter
kg kpa mm mm mm
155/65R13 73H 4.5  365 250 8 157 532
175/70R13 82T 5.0  475 250 8 177 576
185/70R13 86T 5.5  530 250 8 189 590
185/60R14 82H 5.5  475 250 8 189 578
195/60R14 86H 6.0  530 250 8 201 590
175/65R14 82H 5.0  475 250 8 177 584
185/65R14 86H 5.5  530 250 8 189 596
195/65R14 89H 6.0  580 250 8 201 620
185/70R14 88T 5.5  560 250 8 189 616
195/70R14 91T 6.0  625 250 8 201 630
205/70R14 95T 6.0  690 250 8 209 644
195/55R15 85V 6.0  515 250 8 201 595
185/60R15 84H 5.5  500 250 8 189 603
195/60R15 88V/88H 6.0  560 250 8 201 615
205/60R15 91V/91H 6.0  615 250 8 209 627
185/65R15 86H 5.5  560 250 8 189 621
195/65R15 91V 6.0  615 250 8 201 636
205/65R15 94V 6.0  670 250 8 209 647
215/65R15 100H 6.5  800 250 8 230 673
205/70R15 96T 6.0  710 250 8 209 681
215/70R15 98H/98T 6.5  750 250 8 221 695
225/70R15 100T 6.5  800 250 8 228 709
235/70R15 103T 7.0  875 250 8.5 240 725
205/55R16 91V 6.5  615 250 8 214 632
215/55R16 97V/93H 7.0  730/650 290/250 8 226 652
225/55R16 99V/95H 7.0  775/690 290/250 8 233 664
205/60R16 92V/92H 6.0  630 250 8 209 662
215/60R16 95H 6.5  690 250 8 221 674
225/60R16 98V/98H 6.5  750 250 8 228 686
235/60R16 100V/100H 7.0  800 250 8 240 700
215/65R16 98H 6.5  750 250 8 221 698

2.Car Tyre Packing and shipping

Car Tyre shipping: Within 15 days
Car Tyre Packing: Car Tyre Packed in bulk or in plastic or as requested

3.Company Introduction
Qingdao Kebek Tyre Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of passenger car tyres (PCR) and truck and bus tyres (TBR). With 8 advanced production lines, its annual capacity is up to 4 million for PCR tyres and 1.5 million pieces/sets for TBR tyres. Besides, it also provides off the road tyres, agricultural tyres, industrial tyres and motorcycle tyres as per customers' needs. Reliable quality, competitive price plus superior service has made Qingdao Kebek Tyre Co., Ltd. customers' first choice supplier. We have an R&D team of more than 50 technicians in testing raw materials and developing new products. Distinctively, we can offer OEM service for private brands and provide marketing materials.

Our tyres have passed all kinds of strict quality certification testings, such as E-Mark, E-Sound, Reach, Label, DOT, SmartWay, GCC, NOM, INMETRO, BIS, SONCAP, etc. Therefore, we are able to establish cooperation with clients over the world.

Hope in the near future, we can work together in developing your good market. 

1)Our technical background  of car tyre
1.Major machines from Germany 
2..Steel cord from Italy, natural rubber from Malaysia
3.Engineer team from Hankook
4.Strictly restrict and inspection in each process
5.High quality warranty
Annualproduction:6million pieces 

2)The reason to choose our tyres:
1.The quality is guaranteed
2.Competitive and reasonable price you want
3.Leading tire manufacture and advanced production line
4.Heavy-duty bearing, long use period with strong configuration
5.Fast delivery
6.Flexible payment terms
7.One-stop service
8.Good source from other sister factory  

3)What can we offer you?
1.Service life 75-120% longer
2.Acceleration effect 30% faster, retardation efficiency 10% higher
3.Driving temperature 30% lower
4.Excellent safety performance
5.Low rolling resistance
6.Low noise, environmentally friendly
7.Better shock-absorbing capacity, more comfort
8.Excellent traction performance   

4)Other terms of our car tyres:
1.Tyre delivery -
----15-25days for orders not more than 50,000 pieces
2.Tyre price: We have price on basis FOB Qingdao and CIF your destination for your choice
3.Tyre Payment terms for first order:
-----T/T 30% deposit and balance after shipment against B/L copy
-----100% L/C at sight
4.Payment for long terms cooperation of good reputation partners We have SINOSURE insurance for our VIP clients, and we can offer O/A 60days after we familiar with each other We are looking for partnership for long-term business.

More information about our tyres, please refer to our website:


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