New Design Ribbon Mixer of Vertical Type

Model NO.: GPH
Layout Type: Verticle
Mixing Drum Shape: Cylinder and Conical
Additional Capabilities: Heating, Cooling and Drying
Operating type: Batch Operating
Condition: New
Construction Material: Ss304
Total Volume: 50-15000L
Load Factor: 0.4-0.6
Supply Ability: 100 Set Per Month
Trademark: shuanglong
Transport Package: Wooden Case
Specification: CE, ISO9001
Origin: Shanghai, China
HS Code: 84798200

Vertical Ribbon Mixer looks like vertically standard Ribbon Blender. Our Vertical Ribbon Mixer is suitable for the mixing of especially fine materials or adding of grain materials, as well as the mixing of fluid or half-fluid materials such as very evenly distributed fine powder and paint. The processes adopted are pressurization, vacuum mixing, reaction and adhesion.
Working Principle:

Vertical Ribbon Mixer contains three parts - the mixing barrel, mixing helix and flying blades. The coagulated material is cut when the middle helix moves circularly and the flying blades on the barrel side circulate. Vertical Ribbon Mixer is a central tapered ribbon with very small clearance between the edge and the wall. The ribbon moves the materials upward along the vessel wall to the top, the materials then drop by gravity into the center as well.


1) Materials: Carbon steel, stainless steel

2) Batch capacity: 300--15, 000kg

3) Huge volume, easy to clean and maintain

4) Spraying device can be added to the mixing arm

5)Price Terms: FOB, CIF

6)Delivery Lead Time: 10 - 60 days

Model Project All volume
Loads coefficient Electrical machiney power
Size(mm)× Max-diameter ×High Equipment weight (kg)
GPH-0.1 0.1 0.4-0.6 1.5 Φ1100×1229 700
GPH-0.3 0.3 0.4-0.6 4 Φ1350×1696 850
GPH-0.5 0.5 0.4-0.6 4 Φ1575×1689 1300
GPH-1 1 0.4-0.6 7.5 Φ1900×2262 2000
GPH-1.5 1.5 0.4-0.6 11 Φ2200×2692 3300
GPH-2 2 0.4-0.6 15 Φ2650×2897 3600
GPH-3 3 0.4-0.6 18.5 Φ2400×3267 4300
GPH-4 4 0.4-0.6 18.5 Φ2600×3407 5500
GPH-5 5 0.4-0.6 22 Φ2600×3347 7500
GPH-6 6 0.4-0.6 37 Φ2650×3637 8100
GPH-8 8 0.4-0.6 45 Φ3200×4195 9800
GPH-10 10 0.4-0.6 55 Φ3820×4307 11000
GPH-12 12 0.4-0.6 55 Φ3820×4657 13000
GPH-15 15 0.4-0.6 55 Φ3820×5082 15000
1.     Working volume is calculated when material bulk density @1;
2.     Changes are available according to customer's special requirement;
3.     Shuang Long Group might develop new data which is not modified timely on the Web.


New Design Ribbon Mixer of Vertical Type

Units : g/ct/oz/ozt/dwt/tola/lb/tmr


Scale size : 270*170*80mm

Scale color : white

Power : battery 6v + adapter 12v/1ah(include)
Features :High-precision straining resistance sensor

Strong anti-overload function

Optional power saving mode

With LCD display, blue backlight (optional)

Operating temperature: 10 to 60 ℃

Precision Balance

Jewelry Scale,Analytical Balance,Laboratory balance

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