Nanjing cigarette factory air pollution rickets have not been questioned for expansion

The Nanjing Cigarette Factory stated that the Nanjing Cigarette Factory’s reform and expansion project recently launched was aimed at solving the current problem of smoke odor treatment. However, because of cost and other reasons, the suspension of the original production line is temporarily unrealistic. In addition, the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan for Environmental Protection and Construction” of the Jianye District of Nanjing requires that the scale of production of Nanjing Cigarette Factory be subject to control. For this, a factory source stated that “the current project cannot be called expansion.”

Cigarette factory expansion residents say no

On April 11th, the Nanjing government published an online “Environmental Impact Assessment Public Participation Information Bulletin” on the Internet, referring to the renovation and expansion of the Jiangsu Cigarette Industry Co., Ltd. Nanjing Cigarette Factory’s warehousing, logistics, and scientific research center projects. The proposed production scale will be 350 Billion support/year was increased to 50 billion bills/year. According to relevant media reports, residents near the Nanjing Cigarette Factory expressed their strong dissatisfaction with the expansion and stated that they have been plagued by the smoke emitted by the factory for a long time.

To this end, the reporter interviewed the Environmental Impact Assessment Unit of the Nanjing Municipal Environmental Protection Research Institute Chen Sen, who was listed as one of the contacts in the above-mentioned announcement. He told reporters that this project has indeed aroused the concern of many citizens. Since the project's environmental impact assessment public participation information announcement was announced on the website, they have received relevant citizens' calls and e-mails to reflect their dissatisfaction with the project.

At the same time, the reporter also learned that there are no specific standards for the emission of pollutants from tobacco enterprises in China. Chen Sen admits to reporters: "At present, the standards for the implementation of the atmosphere (pollution emission) can only be a comprehensive standard, that is, the comprehensive emission standards for atmospheric pollutants. There is no specific inspection standard for the emission of pollutants in the tobacco industry in China."

At the preparation stage

According to Chen Sen, at present, according to the requirements of the environmental protection department, the EIA documents of this project have been publicized, and the actual EIA has not yet reached a conclusion stage.

He said: "The EPA will also have a public notice before the final instructions, which will be publicized by the government department."

The environmental impact assessment office staff of the New Environmental Protection Agency of Nanjing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau confirmed: “At present, this project has not yet been reported to the EPA. There will be 10 working days of online disclosure before the project is approved.”

The EPA staff told reporters that the public can participate in expressing opinions through various channels and methods. “Now the project of this unit is in the process of entrusting the environmental impact assessment agency to prepare the EIA report. At present, the report has been publicized on the relevant website. At this stage, the public can report to them. In addition, the EIA organization should issue the report to the public when preparing the report. Participate in the questionnaire and consult with residents, enterprises and institutions."

He further told reporters: “This is the way the public can participate in the preparation stage. In the approval stage of the EPA, the EPA will also publicize it on the official website, and the public can also reflect the situation.”

The staff also told reporters that the public can participate in expressing opinions through hearings. “If during the publicity period the relevant interested parties or social organizations request hearings, the environmental protection department will hold hearings in accordance with the relevant requirements of the laws and regulations.” But he also reminded, “The hearing is held on the basis of the application. If there is no application, the hearing will not be Hold a hearing."

China Tobacco: Stopping the original production line is not realistic

The contact person of Jiangsu Zhongyan Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. stated in an interview with the reporter that Yichang said: “The existing production process conditions of the Nanjing Cigarette Factory are indeed relatively backward to the level of the same industry in the country. There was no related to the control of smoke pollution. The specific requirements mainly focus on the control of dust, sulfur dioxide and other aspects that affect the environment, and the environmental protection department has no relevant requirements."

Regarding questions about the old production lines around the residents who are still discharging and building new production lines, I wish Yichang said: “The device except the smoke smell is not an independent device and it needs to be the assembly line at each stage of the whole tobacco processing process. Smoke smells are processed, and the tobacco industry accounts for a large proportion of the tax revenue, which accounts for 65% of the total income, and the remaining 35% is the cost and profit.Therefore, it is unrealistic to shut down the old production line if the new alternative production line is not completed. ”

Zhu Yichang also said that this project is now proposed by the state to create a harmonious tobacco industry, tobacco plant building, environmental governance, as well as energy-saving emission reduction requirements. “We hope that we can use this experience to learn from foreign experience to replace old ones with new generations. The National Tobacco Board has agreed that we have a dedicated brand line with a scale of 1 million boxes per year, but we cannot achieve this from the current production capacity. Therefore, it is planned to completely shut down the old production line and establish a completely new production line that can meet the capacity of 1 million boxes/year."

For the reporter mentioned the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan for Environmental Protection and Construction" in Jianye District, Nanjing, which requires that the production scale of the Nanjing Cigarette Factory be controlled, but at present the problem of expanding the construction, I wish Yichang said: "At present The project can not be called expansion.” He repeatedly stressed that this project is in response to the national energy-saving emission reduction policy, the construction of a new process line, but he did not give too much positive response to the expansion of production scale.

The reporter learned from the report on the Nanjing Cigarette Factory EIA project announced on the website of the Nanjing Institute of Environmental Protection Science: “Nanjing Cigarette Factory’s production scale is 35 billion pieces/year (700,000 cases/year), and the whole plant has been completed after the technical transformation. The production scale is 50 billion branches/year (1 million boxes/year) and there is ample room for development."

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