LMS Durability Solutions for Optimizing Bearing Design

The Schaeffler Group uses LMS TecWare to increase the durability test speed and reduce the test period of several weeks or even months to several days. In addition, the advanced analysis capabilities in the LMS software package can more accurately predict product fatigue life and help Schaeffler's newly developed products more closely match the expected dynamic load conditions.
Headquartered in Germany, the Schaeffler Group, two of its famous brands, INA and FAG, is known for its high-quality bearings and other precision products, covering all aspects of industrial bearing applications, including automotive, aerospace and many other fields. . For more than 50 years, the Schaeffler Group's components and systems have provided automotive manufacturers with high-tech precision, safety, reliability and quality. These are all thanks to Schaeffler's ongoing analysis of existing solutions, the courage to propose new concepts, and the active development of innovative products that continue to transcend the past. The Schaeffler Group uses the LMS software package to integrate the durability testing of its various products, including the Schaeffler Group's most competitive industrial bearings, as well as high-volume production of components and component products designed according to customer requirements. .
LMS TecWare's unique advanced durability load data processing algorithm increases laboratory test speed and enables the input, verification and analysis of vast amounts of data collected from multiple test data sources. In this way, it is possible to determine the critical fatigue load conditions during operation. LMS TecWare is a modular engineering software for durable load analysis and synthesis. It can obtain the same damage prediction in a shorter time course, use the repetitive load signal to define the test process, automatically realize the workbook process, and greatly improve the test speed.
Dr. Rüdinger Dupke, who is responsible for durability and load data analysis at the Schaeffler Group, said: “With LMS TecWare, we are able to repeat critical fatigue tests in a few days. Since dynamic loads require precise measurement using test systems, our engineers use The LMS software package is designed to better develop parts with longer fatigue life and is not overly conservative, which helps to reduce product size, weight and cost."
Mr. Filip Pintelon, General Manager and Vice President of LMS's Test Division, said: “We are very pleased that Schaeffler has adopted our LMS TecWare Durability Solution. LMS TecWare Durability Solutions can help engineers in maintaining product competitiveness. Optimizing product durability in a shorter test cycle. We are convinced that LMS TecWare will provide a valuable contribution to the Schaeffler Group's brand loyalty, bringing innovative and reliable products to market."

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