LED advertising car to the countryside to report bad road how to do

Nowadays, the advertising industry is overwhelming. From the beginning of traditional advertisements to today's various new advertising models, there have been more changes in the middle, advertising has been limited to mobility, and it is also for many businesses to bring a lot of The benefits will not be missed if you are advertising from big cities to small villages. However, when we use LED outdoor advertising vehicles to advertise in the countryside, we will inevitably encounter some pits that are grave and still covered with stones. In the face of such a road is more able to test the driver's driving skills, if there is a local operation is not appropriate, then it will make a position of the LED advertising vehicle has been hurt, then in the end is how to drive LED advertising car What?


Although all of them are now popularizing new rural areas, and some of the main transportation routes in rural areas have been reformed again, it is inevitable that individual rural areas will continue to be gravel roads, and the pavements are basically the kind of pits and bumps. Although road conditions are encountered in the cities, they are often encountered in rural areas. If LED outdoor advertising vehicles drive to such a road section, it must be aware of the following items.

1, in the harsh environment of the road conditions driving LED outdoor advertising vehicles, it must be said that the safety car distance to maintain good, because the condition of the road is not very good, if closely followed by the guidance of the distance is too close, if there is a case When the tire is squeezed into the tire, it is easy to bounce off the vehicle body and scratch the surface of the paint. In addition, some of the more urgent situations have caused the driver's nervous tension to make some erroneous operation methods, and the risk factor brought by it has become even greater. Moreover, it is relatively easy to generate a large amount of dust on such a road surface. This will cause a certain influence on the driver's eyes of the LED outdoor advertising vehicle, and reduce the stability of safe driving.

When driving LED outdoor advertising vehicles, it must be to avoid the occurrence of vehicle slippage, which will lead to the decline of the LED advertising vehicle's handling performance. Therefore, the driver should maintain the vehicle speed at a more appropriate stage and must avoid the frequent occurrence of emergency braking.

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