Iveco modified military command vehicle

I don't know that everybody in the car company knows a few, but Iveco doesn't know if you know it or not? Iveco is a Sino-foreign joint venture automobile company established in 1996. Sino-foreign joint ventures are jointly invested and operated by China and foreign countries. Iveco is a company that cooperates with Italy from Nanjing, China. The company's science and technology are very advanced. Every part of the car has its own factory for production and processing. Because Iveco has cooperated with foreign countries, national leaders also attach great importance. Since it is a car company, the types of cars produced are not only diverse but also of high quality. There are not only ordinary civilian cars, but also military command vehicles.


The appearance of the military command vehicle is similar to off-road vehicles, and its performance is similar to that of off-road vehicles. Iveco designed off-road vehicles are suitable for military environments and meet military requirements. The environmental conditions of military missions are very poor, and Iveco's off-road vehicles can also adapt well. Iveco modified military command vehicles With the improvement of technology, the performance of military command vehicles is also improving. Iveco not only produced military command vehicles, but also field ambulances and military patrol cars, making many contributions to China’s military forces.

Iveco began developing military off-road vehicles in 1999. The technology used was also the most advanced and the best quality at the time. Based on the successful development of off-road vehicles, vehicles such as military-related communications command vehicles and field ambulances were also manufactured. Military command vehicles have a lot of equipment, so they need very good load-bearing capacity. Military command vehicles need to be used for a long time on the borders of the national defense, where the environment is harsh, and long-term wind and rain hit and even natural disasters such as dust storms. These phenomena tend to cause corrosion and wear on the surface of the car. Therefore, the surface coating of the car should be strengthened during manufacture. A good military command vehicle can strengthen the strength of our military equipment, further increase the level of modernization of our military, and improve our country's military combat effectiveness.

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