How to determine the distance accurately

Most families already use vehicles as a means of transportation. For beginners, how to determine the distance between cars has become a difficult problem. In the process, traffic conditions are always in a process of change. When the driver observes and collects traffic information, he sometimes only pays attention to the traffic conditions in front, and he will not pay attention to traffic conditions on both sides and behind. A lighter one causes his car to be “injured” and a bit more heavy can cause a traffic accident. Xiao Bian gave you today how to accurately determine the distance between vehicles.


First, parallel observation distance

        When driving, it is always necessary to cross over and over the line. At this time, it is necessary to observe the distance between the rear wheels so as to ensure the safety and line-up so that unexpected accidents do not occur.

When you are in line, you need to observe the rearview mirror. When the rear vehicle covers the entire rearview mirror, the distance between you and the rear car is only about 3-5 meters. When the rear vehicle accounts for 1/2 of the mirror , you are about 7-10 meters away from the rear vehicle . When the rear car accounts for 1/3 of the mirror , you and the rear car distance is about 10 meters. However, it is also recommended that you

To make the car feel stressful, the best way is to observe it slightly for 1-2 seconds, and feel that the rear car does not rush to accelerate before changing lanes.

Second , how to determine the distance from the car

When it is difficult to avoid waiting for a red light during driving, how do you observe the distance from the vehicle in front of you? Take the bumper as the center point of observation. When you can't see the front bumper, please do not approach it. At this time, the vehicle is only 0.3 meters away from the front car . It is recommended not to be so close, even if you are not afraid to hit the front car, you are not afraid of the car will be in front of the car? When the observation line of sight can overlap with the upper front bumper, the vehicle is about 1 meter away from the front car . Keeping such a vehicle distance while waiting for a red light can prevent the front car rolling car from whistleing to the front car reaction time, and can also prevent the vehicles on both sides from seeing a stitch. When the line of sight can be observed when the front end of the rear wheel is approaching, the distance from the front car is about 3 meters.

Third, the right side of the parking distance judgment

How to ensure that the right side of the parking, will not be too close to the shoulder, but not too far away. This is also difficult to master. The rearview mirror can also be used to view the distance between the vehicle and the roadside.

Pressure-free to the road shoulders also prevents over-scratching of the hub. In the car, the distance between the vehicle and the shoulder can also be observed. The observation point needs to move the central point of the center console slightly to the right by 10 cm. It can be overlapped with the shoulder. At this time, the distance between the wheel and the shoulder is about 20 cm.

Finally, as to how to correctly determine the distance between cars, you need to feel for yourself and make some flexible adaptations based on the aspects of your own vehicle to find out some of your own skills.

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