Highway sweeper

If the highway is so long, it will be very difficult if we rely on manpower to complete it. The highway will be tens of millions of kilometers. At this time, we need a highway sweeper . Highway cars can accomplish many tasks that cannot be accomplished manually.





Large scale

Cleaning method

Suction Sweeper

Walking method


Dust removal method

Wet dust removal

Fuel type


Custom processing


engine model

Cummins ISB180-40

Driving horsepower

180 hp (W)

Maximum work efficiency

90,000 square feet per hour (m2 / h)

Dust box volume

7 cubic meters (L)

Forward speed

20-30 km /h (Km/h)

Number of brushes

112 (put)

Chassis model

Dongfeng Tianjin


4.7 meters (mm)


8 meters long (mm)

Dongfeng Tianjin high-pressure cleaning sweeping vehicle manufacturer is a high efficiency sanitation vehicle integrating the functions of a sweeper vehicle manufacturer and a high pressure cleaning vehicle developed by the Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. The vehicle's volume can reach more than 16 cubic meters, with road sweeping, high-pressure road sweeping road car pictures, sweeping car prices wash, curb and curb stone facade brushing, after spraying and other functions. It is particularly suitable for high-cleaning cleaning operations in city squares, road surfaces and curbs, and also for ordinary cleaning operations such as cleaning and cleaning of city squares, road surfaces and curbs.

外观 Appearance modeling imitating the shape of the joint, the atmosphere is beautiful and practical, easy to clean.

一 One-touch PLC start + global control in the cab, multiple control around the car body.

⊙ All 304 stainless steel dust box and water tank, with magnets and potions on-site inspection, fake a lose ten.

æ­£ Authentic Jiangling 57 kW or Cummins 170 hp auxiliary engine, providing strong sweeping vacuum power

进口 Imported Italian hydraulic motor, durable, fast rotation, no failure for three years.

⊙ You can install reversing images and side-view cameras to view cleaning effects in all aspects.

⊙ High-power double-seat vacuum cleaner, high-speed, no vibration, large suction, can suck bricks.

扫 Sweeper and suction cup layout can be customized according to the requirements, in order to meet the customer's field cleaning conditions, the conventional use of "center four disk + rear nozzle" structure layout, easy cleaning and suction device adjustment and maintenance In the transition, the entire vehicle passes well and the structure is more reasonable.

副 The auxiliary engine and fan are controlled by the automatic clutch, which simplifies the operation, reduces the impact on the secondary engine and improves the reliability and service life of the secondary engine.

扫 Scrolling hydraulic lift, with automatic avoidance function for obstacles, effectively protects the scanning device

扫 The rotating speed of the squeegee is adjustable to adapt to different cleaning conditions, and two levels of speed adjustment are performed to ensure good cleaning results under various pollution conditions.

⊙ The use of advanced and efficient dedicated fans and fully floating suction nozzles that can be automatically leveled along the road provide good cleaning performance and long service life.

Washing vehicle configuration price: The sweeper adopts two brush sets in the middle, a wide suction cup in the middle, and a V-type high-pressure flush rack with collision avoidance function to form a flushing cleaning belt larger than 3.5 meters. The drive unit powered by the Cummins EQ6BT5.9-118 sub-engine is placed transversely in the middle of the frame. The suction fan controlled by the pneumatic clutch device is arranged on the left side of the power box. The tanks and trash cans made of stainless steel use square tile structures. The water tank is divided into two parts, one part is the front independent water tank, which is installed in the front of the power warehouse; the other part is the water tank installed in the front part of the waste bin, which can be lifted up and down simultaneously with the waste bin and power compartment cover. The bin with lifting function is equipped with a high-pressure flushing nozzle, making the discharge easier and clean. The power compartment lid that can be lifted with the waste bin makes maintenance of the power system extremely convenient. The use of famous parts and components in Europe and the United States makes the vehicle performance better and the work more reliable.

Want to buy a road sweeper, special car Co., Ltd. sweep company! As the name suggests, the road sweeping vehicle is a super cleaner. It is mainly used for cleaning highways, square pavements, mining areas, open storage yards, city streets, schools, airports, and residential areas. Road sweeper with spray device, can also be installed sprinkler and high-pressure flushing device, set high pressure cleaning and sweeping in one. Save money and save time and effort Isuzu 600p, to create a clean and comfortable living environment for you. The working principle of the road sweeper is to concentrate the road waste to the suction nozzle by rotating, and then to suck the waste into the dust box by means of the dust suction port, spray the misty water while cleaning the simple sweeping vehicle and the cheap road sweeping vehicle. To dust effect.

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