"Green Yugong" changed the status of the seller's afforestation 30 years of greening 500 acres of desert

"Green Yugong" changed the status of the seller's afforestation 30 years of greening 500 acres of desert diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2013-01-08

Shajintai, Kangping County, Liaoning Province, scrapes only twice a year, each scraping six months. Once, when the wind rose, the white sky covered the sky and even the houses could be buried in the sand dunes. Within a radius of 500 mu, the grass was not born. Today, in the original sand plains, Gao Bai’s poplars and green pines are like green seas. They look like they can't see the margins—the desert is really becoming an oasis, and an old man also paid for it. 30 years of hard work.
Thirty years a dream
Thirty years, a green dream. The name of the person who turned this dream into reality was Qu Changyou. This year, he was 73 years old and he lived in Qili Village, Shajintai Township, Kangping County, Liaoning Province.
Recently, the reporter went to Puli Village to visit Qu Changyou. Knowing that the reporters are coming, the old man has already waited on the side of the mountain, and he must be swept over, and his face is red. The home of Qu Changyou's home is two kilometers away from the nearby village. It is the only hut in the area. It is hidden behind the “green sea”. This “green sea” is the 80,000 trees that the old man personally planted years ago.
"Thirty years, I have been living here, watching, accompanied by these trees." Qu Changyou told reporters.
Pushing on the door of Qu Chang’s friends, the firewood piled up on the ground was placed on the floor of the hall. The bowl was placed next to the stove and the wife of Qu Chang’s was wrapped in a quilt and curled up on the fire inside the house. Qu Changyou was a bit embarrassed: "My old wife was hurt, my son was having an accident, and the misfortune near my family was endless. I didn't have time to take care of it!"
A month ago, the eldest son of Qu Changyou was accidentally inserted into the rotary rake while his left hand was in the yak grass. The palms were minced on the spot, and he had to undergo amputation surgery. Now the wound is slightly heavier and he can just go down.
Ten days ago, unfortunate events occurred. Qu Chang's husband Hu Shufan went out to the toilet. Because the mountain road was too slippery after the snowfall, the old man fell to the ground and he was sent to the hospital for a diagnosis of a broken bone.
Hu Shufan, 71 years old, has severe osteoporosis and is accompanied by other diseases. He cannot use anaesthetics and is therefore inoperable. Now she can only rest on the fire, eat simple bones, and even anti-inflammatory drugs are not playing. Qu Changyou sighed and said: "I have no money to fight her! The eldest son broke his hand and spent more than 10,000 pieces. Now he really has no money."
"It is so difficult at home now. Why didn't we sell the trees to cure the family?" the reporter asked. Qu Chang’s resolutely answered: “The forest can't be sold. I can think of ways to make money. However, if the forest is sold, the tree may be cut. If the tree is cut, it will be all over.”
Change the seller's production to afforestation
The desert area of ​​Puli Village is about 500 mu, which is made up of fine sand deposited from the north wind year round. Due to the existence of this desert, the land of Puli Village could not be basically planted. The village was old and young and suffered the hardship of the sand. The three generations of Qu Changyou's family all lived in Pili Village and had lived for 100 years. Qu Changyou recalled that when the wind was blowing, the pedestrians were not able to see each other on the opposite side. Under the influence of the wind, the dunes moved forward like waves.
“I remember one year and when I woke up, I found that the sand dune almost buried my house,” said Qu Chang-you. “At that time, the sand was full of walls, and if you walked up along the slope of the sand pile, you could walk up to the roof. ”
Qu Changyou used to read a three-year book at the Forest School and learned some techniques for planting trees in the desert. Therefore, he is confident of transforming the desert. The land reform in the early 1980s allowed individuals to contract out barren hills. Qu Chang-you believes that opportunities have finally come.
The opportunity in Qu Changyou’s eyes is seen by others as a fire pit. All the barren hills and wastelands in the village were rushed to contract, except for this piece of sand.
“Isn't even the grass in this place is long, but can I save money? Is it not a fool of Qu Changyou?” The question came one after another. Even Qu Chang’s wife also bowed: “Is it possible to grow trees?”
At the time, Qu Changyou had two paths to choose from. One road was engaged in animal husbandry, raising cattle and raising sheep. The other road was planting trees.
“Cattle and sheep raise money every year. After 30 years of raising a tree, they have a good harvest.” Qu Changyou also hesitated. At that time he was in his 40s. “But the sand is too low, I cannot let him continue to harm us. , Earn no money to say the other."
Qu Changyou sold all of the family’s thirty sheep, four cows, and one donkey, and even sold his own house in the village. They collected all the money they could get together and contracted the 500 acres of sand. He took his wife to the hill and scooped up a bandit on the edge of a bandit. The ground scorpion is a semi-crypt-style house. It first digs deep pits on the ground, and then covers the sheds on the top of the pits. People get into the fire pits and dark and tide.
Qu Changyou bought tree seedlings and started afforestation. Other people's satire and ridicule became more and more intense, and Qu Chang’s remained uninterested. “I just want to prove it to you!”
Attacked by wolves in the middle of the night
Planting trees in the desert is easier said than done? The first problem to be solved is water.
There is no water source near the sand. Qu Changyou put on an oxcart and repeatedly used the two large vats to transport water back to the village. This insisted for two years. It can be transported in such a way that the water is still not enough to use. It is not necessary to say watering trees. Even people's drinking water is a problem.
"In winter, the road slippery, no way to return to the village to collect water, we pick up the snow in the mountains, use this water to laundry and cook." Qu Chang-you said.
The well must be hit, but it is very difficult to drill a well on this side. Digging the sand with shovels is more than a meter deep. Under the rocks are all stones. If you want to drill a well, you can only use the iron drill to plan the stones down little by little. One day only half a foot deep, and a depth of seven or eight meters. Wells, Qu Changyou's family has been busy for half a year.
With water, the tree planting work is still very slow. The reason is still sand. The fine sand flows in love, there is no soil, and it is difficult to dig out the tree pits. At the same time, in some places the rocks are bare. After the semi-millimeter pits have been thrown off with brazing stones, sand and fine soil are backfilled in, so that the saplings can be put. Planting. All these tasks are laborious, time-consuming and slow.
In order to prevent the livestock from going up the mountain to feed on the seedlings, the Qu Changyou and his wife get up every morning at 3 or 4 in the summer, and they still wander around the mountains at 8 in the evening.
One night, the two old people were asleep. Suddenly the dogs ran wild outside the door and occasionally came the screams of the old cows.
The old couple opened the door and looked outside, and found that seven or eight wolves were besieging the calf's son in the courtyard of Qu Chang’s family. The wild wolf’s eyes were green and extremely terrible in the night. Hey you, no one dared to move. The wild wolf left after dawn and only half of the broken leather was left in place of the original tying cattle.
“At that time, we were afraid every day,” Hu Shufan said. “We must not only guard against wolves but also snakes.”
Hu Shufan recalled that when she was doing needlework in the house, she was doing it. The top of the room beam slammed a thing and fell directly into her mother's arms. The aunt reached out and was a small finger snake: "At that time I did not scare to death!"
In Qu Chang's hut, snakes and snakes did not come to visit. Fortunately, they each saved their lives and they were not bitten.
Thirty years in this warfare, 500 acres of sand finally put on a green outfit.
One million trees do not sell
For 30 years, Qu Changyou only sold wood once. In that year, he was suffering from illness and there was no article in the family. There was no way for Hu Shufan to sell a small batch of wood and obtain nearly a thousand pieces of income. He used this money to cure Qu Changyou, but only once. .
In the spring of 2005, a merchant who took a fancy to Qu Chang’s Lin Zi, invested a million to buy, and the old man refused.
"How much money this mountain is not sold, I will keep him forever." Qu Chang-you said.
When he dreamed of turning this sand plain into an oasis, and now dreaming for thirty years, how could he personally destroy this dream?
Qu Changyou contracted this 500-acre sandy land with a contracting period of exactly 30 years. This spring, Qu Changyou renewed the contract with the village. This time, his contracting period is 17 years. This “Green Yu Gong” will continue to make his dreams continue. Nowadays, Qu Changyou has chosen to join the classes. He left his eldest son around and he asked his son: “You will have to do it for me in the future. This forest cares."
When the sun sets, the elderly man wears a hat and gloves to climb the mountain. In the sunset, the back of the old man is radiated with the setting sun and blends in with the distant mountains. So you can't see where the mountain is, where it is the tree, and where is it.
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