Grave thief with metal detector

The suspects are here to prepare for the tomb.

The newspaper reported on March 5th (Reporter Zhao Lei correspondent Liu Jianli Xu Jiutao) Four robbers thieves came to Qingzhou Shaozhuang to prepare for crimes, and successively performed checkpoints in two ancient tombs. However, before they started, the Qingzhou police received an immediate report and quickly moved out. On March 2 and March 3, the Qingzhou police captured four robbers.

On March 2, the police of Shaozhuang police station of Qingzhou City Public Security Bureau received an online report. A group of robbers were preparing to start the ancient Tomb of Chengjiagou and the ancient tomb of Xingwang Village.

At 23:30 on the night of the same day, the police took over the old tomb of Chengjiagou. However, after the enveloping and encircling, it was discovered that the ancient tomb of Chengjiagou was empty and immediately rushed to the ancient tomb of Xingwang Village. When traveling to the Qiwanglu Yuhuangmiao section, the police found that the three men in a small car on the roadside were suspicious and they immediately took control of them and found a metal detector in the car they were driving. Afterwards, the police brought three suspicious men back to the police station for investigation.

After cross-examination, the trio truthfully explained the illegal behavior of preparing tombs. On the afternoon of March 2nd, the suspect was at a certain position and wanted to dig for antiques again because he had nothing else to do. Then he contacted Zhou and Zhou of Zhuge Town, Surabaya, and three people came to Qingzhou City. In the town of Liuzhen Village, Liu found a conspiracy to steal the ancient Tomb of Chengjiagou and a tomb of Xingwang Village, who were familiar with the local situation. Liu also found Jiang, who had stolen the ancient tomb in Qingzhou City.

Five people had dinner at Liu's home and they started to move at 23 o'clock in the evening. They used Liu's green pick-up truck as a means of transportation and rushed to the ancient tomb of Chengjiagou. In the ancient Tomb of Chengjiagou, five people used metal detectors to go back and forth. They found no “baby,” and then they rushed to the ancient tomb of Xingwang Village, where they discovered the antiques for more than an hour. So they took Liu. Jiang sent two people back. When a certain person, Zhou, and Zhou Moumou were preparing to return, they were caught by a civilian police who arrived in time.

After investigation, the police also learned that three people had repeatedly dug ancient tombs in Qingzhou and Linyi. According to the confession of three people, at 2 o'clock in the morning on March 3, the police arrested Liu at home. Because the four suspects were unfamiliar with Jiang, he only knew that others called him "Laojiang" (transliteration). He did not know Jiang's exact name. At present, Jiang has not yet reached the case. On March 4, the reporter learned from the Qingzhou City Public Security Department that the four suspects have been detained by the Qingzhou Police in accordance with the law.