Grapefruit becomes a "rich fruit" fermenter and dryer to help it "transform"

At present, many places have vigorously developed the pomelo industry, and have used the abundant resources to independently research and develop the deep processing of grapefruit. Nowadays, pomelo fruit has become a local rich fruit and poverty-reducing pomelo, which has effectively promoted farmers' income and wealth, and promoted rural revitalization.

It can be said that the grapefruit body is "big baby." Grapefruit pulp can be used for grapefruit wine, fruit juice drinks, etc. The scoop can be processed to produce daily necessities such as washing. The grapefruit skin and grapefruit flower can not only produce products such as medlar, candied fruit and pomelo tea, but also produce grapefruit essential oil. In addition, in the production process, the waste residue discharged from the grapefruit can also be fermented and extracted to produce a series of products such as grapefruit enzyme stock solution. As a result, the grapefruit has greatly improved the comprehensive utilization rate through intensive processing, enhanced the added value of the product, and realized the gorgeous "butterfly change" of ordinary grapefruit.

Undoubtedly, the deep processing of grapefruit has brought benefits to the localities, increased farmers' income, and promoted the revitalization of local villages. However, the development of the grapefruit deep processing industry is inseparable from the assistance of related food equipment, such as cleaning sorting machines, beverage machines, drying equipment, fermenters, extraction tanks and so on.

We know that many grapefruit processing enterprises are equipped with intelligent cleaning and sorting production lines, which are sorted according to size, weight and sugar content to meet market demand. For the grapefruit that does not meet the requirements and does not have quality problems, it will not only improve the efficiency and accuracy of sorting, but also meet the needs of subsequent deep processing, and realize the effective use of grapefruit.

Taking grapefruit wine, fruit juice drink, yuzu tea and other products as an example, after cleaning and sorting, the grapefruit that meets the processing needs is sent to the subsequent production process. Although the raw materials of these three products are mainly grapefruit, the production process is still different, and the food equipment involved is also different. Grapefruit wine is produced in much the same way as other fruit wines, and the fermentation link is key. According to industry insiders, the fermentation of grapefruit wine can not be externally polluted, but also to control the fermentation conditions, according to the stage needs to adjust the temperature.

The author understands that the wine fermentation tank is introduced in the market, which mainly uses a semi-closed aseptic system to prevent contamination of the grapefruit wine by external bacteria and microorganisms. At the same time, a membrane filtration system with a pore size of only 0.4 micrometer is provided, which can filter out the vast majority. Most of the bacteria, while the nutrients such as active enzymes in the grapefruit wine are preserved. It is worth mentioning that this type of fermenter can be installed with CIP cleaning nozzles, which is convenient for cleaning and disinfection every time, avoiding pollution of grapefruit wine by secondary use of equipment, and ensuring the purity and quality of the wine.

The grapefruit juice beverage has more processing steps than the current juice beverage. Among them, special attention should be paid to the cleaning and disinfection of beverage production equipment. In general, beverage processing equipment such as juicers are not thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, or simply rinsed with tap water before use, which can lead to problems such as excessive juice colonies. Therefore, the production of grapefruit juice beverage requires the use of a professional CIP cleaning system, which can thoroughly clean and sterilize beverage equipment such as cylinder containers and pipes to prevent contamination of juice beverages by secondary use of equipment.

Compared with grapefruit and grapefruit drinks, pomelo tea is relatively simple to make, and its production process is similar to other flower teas. However, it is worth mentioning that, because the pomelo tea has a grade, the better the quality, the higher the level, the higher the price. Relatively speaking, the pomelo tea has a well-proportioned shape, flat and even, with a lustrous green color and a strong aroma. At present, the flower tea microwave dryer introduced in the market can be uniformly heated from the inside out without touching the grapefruit flower, and the heating time is short, which not only improves the drying efficiency, but also maintains the nutrient composition, original color and fragrance of the flower tea, and improves Grapefruit tea quality.

Under the call of “revitalizing the rural economy and realizing the increase of farmers' income”, the author believes that grapefruit can be dried and squeezed by means of deep processing, and with the help of fermenters, CIP cleaning equipment, drying equipment and other food equipment, not only to enhance the added value of products, but also to bring local farmers Going for more benefits, but also to achieve a gorgeous "butterfly" of ordinary grapefruit.

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