Excellent Quality Hunan Tianli Automobile Tanker Delivery Ceremony

On May 1st, 2016, the first delivery and delivery ceremony of the full load-bearing design aluminum alloy tanker with no bearing beam was successfully held in Changsha Industrial Park of Lantong Group. Under the background of increasing global energy and environmental pressure, realizing vehicle weight reduction is the only way to promote the sustainable and healthy development of commercial vehicles in China, and it is also the foundation stone for promoting the transformation and upgrading of the logistics and transportation industry. At present, aluminum alloy commercial vehicles have occupied a large share of the global commercial vehicle market.

卓越品质 湖南天力汽车油罐车交车仪式

“The 10 aluminum alloy oil tankers delivered this time have adopted the first full load-bearing no-girder design in China. The dead weight is only 5.9 tons, which is 800kg lighter than similar aluminum tankers and at least 5 tons lighter than conventional steel tankers. With a more uniform body and higher safety, and a tank volume of 51 cubic meters, it is the largest tanker vehicle in China at present, and the successful delivery of the new vehicle demonstrates the outstanding pursuit of continuous development and innovation of Tianli Automobile, again confirming Tianli’s strength. Lightweight car's leading position in China" Tian Li Automobile's head of staff was introduced during an interview with reporters.

卓越品质 湖南天力汽车油罐车交车仪式

“Examples illustrate the economic benefits brought by the innovation of our nation’s lightest 51 cubic tanker. For example, from Shantou to Hunan, Shantou can earn 400 yuan more than the original, and at least create more than a few million yuan in revenue in one year.” Li Automobile is responsible for the introduction of the person responsible for the development of this project. In addition, the characteristics and advantages of the semi-loaded and non-loaded body of the full load-carrying body are that the passive safety is better. It can more effectively ensure the safety and non-disclosure of the medium inside the tank when the body rolls and collides. Protect the life safety of occupants. The responsible person emphasized that from the viewpoint of people-oriented and improving the safety of the tank car body structure, the full load-bearing structure of the tank car body is the trend of today's tanker development.

卓越品质 湖南天力汽车油罐车交车仪式

In recent years, Tianli Automotive has adhered to the product concept of independent R&D and lean manufacturing, together with its professional marketing service team and a strong marketing service network at home and abroad, which has enabled its lightweight aluminum alloy commercial vehicles to be sold worldwide. In order to launch the first shot of the 51-car tanker market in China, Tianli Automotive constantly strives for excellence in technology to ensure the quality of each car.

卓越品质 湖南天力汽车油罐车交车仪式

Based on the attitude of being responsible to customers, all new products of Tianli Automotive will carry out axle load and braking force testing and road test trials at the China Dingyuan Automobile Testing Ground before it is put on the market. In this case, the domestic first-loaded design tank truck has passed 23 types of tests with a total size of 15,000 kilometers, such as special-shaped pits, gravel roads and bumpy roads. The results have proved that the design is reasonable and the structure is reliable. The parameters of the components have reached the national standards, which further proves that they can easily deal with various actual road conditions during the life cycle. It is reported that China's Dingyuan Automobile Testing Ground is a designated test site for new products for state-level automotive and military vehicle vehicles. There is basically no other domestic tanker manufacturer to take this test.

卓越品质 湖南天力汽车油罐车交车仪式

Traditional tanker trucks have low operating efficiency, high energy consumption, corrosion, low recovery value, and poor safety performance. After comparison and multi-faceted market research, we finally reached a cooperation with Tianli Automobile. The main reason is that the lightweight tanker produced by the company uses a high-strength, high-elongation aluminum plate for one-time canning and forming without cylinders. Butt welds, light weight, good safety performance, and guaranteed oil transportation quality, can significantly improve our economic and social benefits. Zhang, general manager of a large carrier for hazardous chemicals in the car, frankly stated.

卓越品质 湖南天力汽车油罐车交车仪式

“Next, we will keep in mind the mission, rely on the advantages of intelligent manufacturing and R&D, increase variety, improve quality, create brand, and guide the spirit of the great craftsmen in the world to continuously strengthen the awareness of Seiko production, every link, every process, every product. The details were carefully polished and kept improving, and the slogan 'Create better products and services for customers' was truly translated into actual actions.” The head of Tianli Automobile firmly stated.

Responsible for mud.Bottom dumping hopper with the movable Bottom Door. Dedicated to the trailing Suction Hopper Dredger

Bottom door means having self-propelled bunkering functional and non-self-propelled Dredger carrying ship or dredged material (commonly known as mud Barge ) Disposing dredged material dedicated facilities. Bottom door are relative terms, it is a dedicated loading bay dredged material (commonly known as the hopper) dump device.

Photo of our Bottom Door:

Bottom Door

The form and amount of Bottom door is generally based on the size of its hopper and the hopper loads the specific circumstances of the particle size, viscosity, specific gravity and waters the ship construction and design.

Bottom door are generally installed in the bottom of the hull of a vessel can be opened and closed through human or mechanical (electrical, hydraulic). Different types of Bottom door its control, opening and closing time (speed), the degree of opening of the open, dredged material by ability has its own characteristics.

A. General

High accuracy, fully welded, painted construction can be used for trailing suction hopper dredger.

Load pipe plays an important role, transport the dredge mixture to the hopper, then transmit through the load box pipe, to other position.

Dredger Structure pipe with high quality including Loading Box , Jet Pipe , Suction Pipe, spud, riser pipe, flange pipes etc.

B. Construction and procedure

The construction is to be built according to the drawing with rules of good workmanship.

With wear plate welded in inlet tube to ensure the long service life

According to the different function, normally load pipe has 1 inlet tube or 2 inlet tubes

On main pipe part, there will be several exit holes.

C. Materials

All fabricated steelwork used in the construction of the load box pipes will be to manufacturing standard of normal or classification society.

All materials proposed will be selected to comply with the latest Health and Safety Rules.

Paint systems for hull protection will be of the highest quality (Hempel, Inter, Sigma, Jotun)

D. Welding

All welding will be performed in accordance with drawing and order and UniSite experience and all welding will be continuous and full penetration.

E. Workmanship

The workmanship have good marine practice. Care are taken to ensure fair lines, smooth surfaces and neat welding. 

Bottom Door

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