Dry powder fire truck

Dry powder fire truck powderfire truck
Equipped with dry powder fire extinguishing agent container and complete set of dry powder injection device, it is used to extinguish the fire for special structures.

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6+2 seat golf cart is our long golf cart we make,we have the gas and battery power for your choice, considering its heavy weight,we use the 5kw motor for it that enable its enough power base on battery operated, it is a very pratical vehicle for sightseeing in park,resort,hotel,air port etc, for battery power, its max range can up to 90kms on flat road situation,for gas power ,its max range is round 200kms each full tank,to advance the experience of the peoples who seat on it,we suggest you include the rain cover,sun shade,music player for it.

6+2 Seaters Golf Sightseeing Cars

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