CZ Zhuzhou Motor developed the world's first motor core automatic stacking system

CZ Zhuzhou Motor Co., Ltd. announced in its subsidiary Sichuan Chengdu Cnc Motor Co., Ltd. that it successfully developed a set of ergonomic improvements of more than 30 in the production process of the motor core stacking process. %, and the product passed the inspection pass rate of more than 99.5%, the completion of the on-time rate of 99.9% of the world's first generator core automatic stacking system.

According to reports, motor products as the core of rail transit equipment, wind power and new energy, the intelligent level of automation, automation and development, will certainly contribute to the healthy and rapid development of the entire industry. In the process of generator production, iron core stacking production is currently widely used in the world, with low technical content, complicated production steps, out of control positioning, low operating efficiency, and low accuracy. To this end, CZ Zhuzhou Motor has successfully developed this motor core stacking automatic system after more than 10 months of independent innovation exploration.

At present, Chengdu Zhongche Motor has declared 1 international patent, 3 invention patents and 6 utility model patents to the relevant departments of Chengdu for the iron core stacking automatic system.

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