Congo red heat stability test machine common fault technical exclusion guide

Congo red heat stability test machine common fault technical exclusion guide
The Congo Red Heat Stabilization Tester is suitable for the soft stabilization time and softening temperature test of soft polyethylene plastic insulation sheath for cable industry. Its structure and performance meet the requirements of GB/T2951.32—2008 and GB/T8815-2008 “Soft PVC Plastics for Wire and Cable”
Congo red heat stability testing machine is composed of electronic control system, heating system and container.
1. The main components of the electronic control system are heating temperature control table, timer, and magnetic stirrer.
(1) Heating temperature control table: mainly to control the heating temperature. This temperature shows the temperature of the conductive liquid.
(2) Timer: Turn on the time switch, it can automatically time, the range is 99.99/H/M/S. For test timing.
(3) Magnetic stirrer:
A. The purpose of magnetic stirring is to make the temperature of the conductive liquid uniform.
B. Put the magnetic stirrer into the conductive liquid, turn on the stirring switch, and start the stirring with the magnetic stirrer. The agitation speed can be adjusted by turning the adjustment knob.
2. Heater: Built-in, 800W annular heating tube; when the heater is warmed, the temperature is transmitted to the conductive liquid in the container to warm the conductive liquid.
3, container: contains conductive liquid (glycerol (glycerol), and can transfer heat and heat transfer.
A. Put the sample container into the heating medium, which is a conductive liquid such as glycerin (or silicone oil) (filled with more than 90%). When the heat stability time test is performed, the container can accommodate 6 test tubes.
B. The container is equipped with two sets of container caps, which are respectively used for large and small test tubes. (Inner diameter: 4mm and inner diameter: 12~13mm)
Main technical parameters of Congo red heat stability testing machine
1, power: AC220V ± 10%
2. Power: 800W
3, temperature control range: room temperature ~ 250 ° C
4, temperature deviation: ± 0.5 ° C
5, volume: 1000ml
6, the machine uses magnetic stirring,
Thereby ensuring the uniformity of the test temperature.
Congo Red Heat Stability Test Machine Machine Structure and Description
Congo red heat stability test machine routine operation method
1, put the stir bar
2. Pour the high temperature conductive liquid into the container. The liquid level is about 2 cm from the mouth of the container.
Note: Do not fill the container because the conductive liquid will overflow the container when heated to 200 °C.
3. Turn on the power and set the test temperature (the factory has been set or the customer can set it).
4. After the power is turned on, the instrument automatically heats up.
5. Turn on the magnetic stirring switch and stir the magnetic stirrer automatically. (To ensure temperature uniformity, the operation is in a vortex state, and the stirring speed is adjusted: the speed adjustment cannot exceed the right side of the black mark on the panel).
6. When the temperature reaches 200 °C, stabilize for 30 minutes.
7. According to the test requirements, install the sample and insert the test tube into the test hole for testing.
8. Turn on the timer and observe the test strip changes.
Remarks: If the test is GB/T8815-2008, please operate according to the requirements of GB/T8815-2008.
Congo Red Heat Stability Tester Troubleshooting
1. If the power is not turned on, it means that there is no power. If there is no power output at the power output terminal, please check the power cord or power socket.
2. If the power is turned on, the power indicator light has an indication. Press the start button. The machine does not work. Please check if the relay is disconnected or disconnected. If the cable is disconnected or disconnected, please connect it in time. If the relay is not disconnected, the cable will be disconnected. If the relay is damaged, it should be replaced in time.
3. After the number of times the counter is set, the electric drive cylinder still does not stop working, indicating 1), the electric drive has just been damaged 2), and the induction switch is damaged.
4. In case of failure that cannot be handled, please contact the company in time. The company will arrange professional and technical personnel for maintenance.
Congo Red Heat Stability Tester Daily Maintenance and Maintenance
1. The instrument must be placed on a stable surface before use.
2. It is not allowed to move the machine during use;
3. Select the corresponding power supply voltage, do not over-high, to avoid burning the device;
4. When the instrument is abnormal, please contact the company for timely processing;
5. The machine must have a good ventilation environment when working.
6. Mechanical components, due to the large operating load, please add lubricating oil in time for the mechanical parts;
7. After each test, clean the machine and keep the machine clean;
8. The control part must be wiped with a dry cloth. Wet cloth is not available.
When using the Congo Red Thermal Stability Tester produced by our company, you can also call the after-sales service personnel if you encounter any problems that cannot be solved according to the operating instructions.

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