Common malfunctions and troubleshooting methods for aerial vehicles



the reason

Method of exclusion


Hydraulic system can not reach the required working pressure, increase the engine throttle. Phenomenon: Can't get into the leg, the boom can't get up and the turntable doesn't move. From the pressure gauge, the pressure of various institutions is very low.

(1) The relief valve opening pressure is too low.

(2) The oil level in the tank is too low, or the suction pipe is blocked.

(3) Excessive collusion or leakage of the pressure line and return line causes a large amount of oil to flow back to the tank without taking part in the work.

(4) The oil pump is damaged or leaked too much.

(1) Adjust relief valve opening pressure

(2) Add new oil or check the suction pipe (3) Check the oil line, especially various valve locks, motors, etc.

(4) Check the oil pump for maintenance or renew it.


Control gear failure

(1) Lever failure

(2) Fork damage

(3) Locating the spring failure

Or repair or change


Hydraulic system oil leak

(1) loose joints

(2) The seal is damaged

(3) Pipe edge cracking or welded joint oil sand eye

(1) Tightening

(2) New

(3) repair or renew


Throttle control valve is not working

(1) The wire rope is stuck in the system

(2) Spring damage

(3) Travel varies due to loose rope (4) Lack of lubricant

(1) Overhaul

(2) New

(3) Adjustment stroke; tightening

(4) Lubricate each P bit


Pressure gauge oil does not indicate or pressure does not rise

(1) The tank fluid level is too low or the suction pipe is blocked

(2) Relief valve adjustment pressure is too low

(3) The edge of the pipe before the oil pump inlet is not sealed

(4) The oil pump is damaged or leaked due to internal wear

(5) Excessive collusion or leakage of pressure line or return line

(6) The pressure gauge is damaged

(1) Refuel and remove foreign matter

(2) Adjust pressure as required

(3) Exclude from leaks

(4) Overhaul or renew

(5) Or repair or change

(6) Or repair or change


Severe noise in the oil circuit

(1) There is air in the pipeline

(2) Component failure

(3) The pipe edge is not tight

(4) Reversal too fast

(5) The oil temperature is too low

(6) Insufficient oil

(7) Pipeline blockage

(1) The agencies repeatedly perform many actions to eliminate internal gas and to inspect the oil pump. (2) repair or change

(3) Fastening and adding cards

(4) Slow operation

(5) No-load operation heating

(6) Oiling

(7) Clearing



the reason

Method of exclusion


Oil temperature overheating

(1) Internal leakage is too large

(2) High pressure

(3) Long continuous operation and high ambient temperature (Summer)

(1) Repair element

(2) Adjust pressure

(3) Stop and rest and cool before working.


Cylinder, motor uneven movement, climbing

(1) The air load in the hydraulic system is significantly compressed, making the movement uneven.

(2) Lack of lubrication between moving friction surfaces. (3) The clearance between the moving parts and the non-parts is too small, or the moving working parts are deformed.

(1) The tank is filled with oil and each cylinder is reciprocated several times at high speed and full stroke respectively.

(2) often add butter and lubricate.

(3) Check that the clearance between the moving parts is moderately tight.


Outrigger movement is slow, retraction does not even move

(1) Relief valve failure or pressure is too low.

(2) Oil leakage in the cylinder, damage to the oil seal reduces the volumetric efficiency of the cylinder, insufficient displacement of the oil pump, failure of the reversing valve, or serious internal leakage.

(3) There is foreign material or scratches between the tapered surface of the slide valve and the valve seat contact line in the bidirectional hydraulic lock.

(4) There is air in the cylinder.

(1) Inspection, replacement or pressure adjustment.

(2) Replace the oil seal, pump displacement is insufficient, do not increase the throttle, increase engine speed, valve failure, light repair, heavy change.

(3) Open cleaning, replace if heavy, re-distribution

(4) reciprocate several times to eliminate air.


Turntable does not move

(1) Relief valve overflow pressure is too low or completely out of order

(2) The oil pump or rotary motor is not working

(3) The pinion does not mesh well with the tooth circle

(4) Worm gearbox is not working

(5) Failure of reversing valve

(1) Inspection or adjustment

(2) Or repair or change

(3) Adjust as required

(4) Or correct or replace

(5) Inspection or replacement


Working arm does not rise

(1) Relief valve overflow pressure too low

(2) Pipeline blockage, oil failure

(3) serious internal leakage of cylinder

(4) Failure of reversing valve

(1) pressure regulator

(2) Inspection by paragraph, in addition to stolen goods, the rotary oil pump mechanism is not operated, and the loose joints are checked one by one to check whether the oil is injected and the specific position where the pipeline is blocked can be found out.

(3) Replace the oil seal

(4) Inspection or replacement


Work arm does not fall

(1) The control pressure in the balance valve is too high

(2) Pipeline blockage, oil failure

(3) Failure of reversing valve

(1) Adjust balance valve pressure

(2) excluded by working arm

(3) inspection or replacement


Falling arm vibration

(1) Air in the cylinder

(2) Improper adjustment of speed limit valve

(1) Air is excluded according to maintenance methods

(2) Readjustment

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