CNC machining metal valve

The function of the valve is to inflate the tire and maintain the seal after the tire is inflated. Ordinary valve by the valve body, valve core and valve cap three main components.
The type of valve:
1, according to the use of points: bicycle valves, motorcycles, electric car valves, car valves, truck bus valves, agricultural vehicles, valves, special valves and so on.
2, according to whether the inner tube: inner tube valve tube and tubeless valve tubeless valve.
3, according to the assembly method points: screw-on universal valve screw-on universal valve
, Clamp-type valves and snap-in valves.
4, according to the core cavity size points: ordinary core chamber valve ordinary core chamber valve and large core chamber valve large core chamber valve.

5, according to the valve core points: English mouth dunlop / woods valve, American mouth Schrader valve, French mouth presta valve, German mouth and Italian mouth.

Choose cnc machining ,lathe to production this metal valve.

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