CATIAV5 data exchange

1) Reading in other formats

When converting files from other formats to V5, it is best to first perform the import of options.

2) Save to other formats
When V5 is saved in other formats, the export setting of option must be performed first.

3) V5 -> V5
V5 is backwards compatible, high version V5 can read low specimen v5 files, but in turn lower versions may not be able to read higher versions of files (because of the enhanced functionality leading to increased data structures)
V5 document -> save format (CATPart) -> STEP(stp), IGES(igs), (model)
(CATProduct)-> STEP(stp), IGES(igs), (session)
(CATDrawing)-〉 AutoCAD (dwg), DXF (dxf), IGES (ig2)
Catia -> IGES
Export note
1) Expression mode
The SOLID of the original model was converted to IGES face but the wireframe could not be generated
Wire frame:
Only solid edges can be transformed. Only useful when dealing with curves
2) Representation/Non-Representation This setting allows you to limit the saved objects to the indicated range
Import point tolerance setting: Start with the tolerance of the small point

n When selecting the combination mode, note that the IGES model is a separate part
n When dealing with multiple parts in a single IGES model, note that each part must meet the element number 402 in IGES
After the import is done, the following two log files will be generated. The path is set in the CATReport system parameter, a, report.rpt b. error.err

--- Data exchange settings between CATIA V5 (CATDrawing) and Auto CAD (DXF/DWG)
1) import settings
* Unit setting: When the DXF/DWG file is opened, the units are mm, cm, m, inch, and feel, and the displayed scale can also be changed.
When the DXF/DWG map is displayed in CATIA at 2 times magnification, set it to 2:1
* File transfer destination
Drafting mode / background mode
When logged in as background mode, it can be shared by multiple drawing shares
* Space composition
Model space / paper space / both
* Line mapping
* DXF size import configuration
CATIA size + detail --- read in CATIA size
Detail ---- Not a CATIA size, treated as a detail.
Shape ---- Single Shape
2) export save settings
* Output all sheets
All sheets that contain multiple sheet designs export or only output the current sheet.
* DXF/DWG export form
DXF/DWG Ver12, 13, 14 or Autocad2000.