BYD Airbag Incident pending owners look forward to**

China has become the world’s largest automobile producer and the world’s largest consumer of automobiles. However, the imperfections of laws and standards have allowed more owners to "pay the bills" for the development of an unsound market.

On September 11, several owners who had complained to the China Quality Miles complaints website also accepted an interview with CCTV’s “Weekly Quality Report”, explaining the problems of BYD’s airbags. After the report of CCTV, have the problems of these owners been resolved? The Complaints Department tracked back several car owners.

The owners suffered a cold encounter, the problem still exists CCTV exposure BYD airbag problems, gave several complaints to the owners of confidence. They believe that rights protection has finally achieved some results and they hope that BYD can give them a solution. However, before the press release, after the China Quality Wanli Bank Complaints Department informed the owners of the situation, it found that the results were not optimistic.

Ms. Wang of Hubei Province said that BYD has not actively contacted her so far and she has contacted BYD twice.

Ms. Wang said that when contacting the local 4S shop, the other party said that they could not control it and pushed the responsibility away. When contacting the person in charge of the area, although the phone was connected, the other party never answered the phone. Ms. Wang was disappointed with this result, and she said that it brought great pressure on her spirit. If this is the case again, she will have to make some acts of defending her rights.

We can also feel this, because every time she communicates with Ms. Wang and understands the situation, she speaks sobbing and seems extremely sad.

In addition to Ms. Wang, Mr. Wang from Baoding, Hebei also did not receive any calls from BYD. He said that it seemed like it never happened. Did BYD forget him? He is ready to complain again. Isn’t BYD really ready to manage his affairs?

When it comes to contacting the owner of the king of Hebei Province, Zhangzhou seems to have more difficulties. He said that this matter has been dealt with, but how to deal with it, inconvenience to say more, because the manufacturer signed a confidentiality agreement, can not say anything to the media. According to other owners, BYD may compensate him.

Judging from the experiences of several car owners, neither Hebei Baoding nor Ms. Wang Hubei proposed cash compensation but only hoped that BYD could issue a written airbag inspection report. However, BYD has always refused.

The sadness of car owners is not just the result of BYD’s disclosure of BYD from CCTV. Many media not only reprinted the report, but also made many comments. A media commented: Even if CCTV exposed BYD F3 because the airbag was not opened promptly, causing the owner to suffer casualties, I would like to be used by the policy "customary" broken car manufacturers will not feel horrified, and for BYD own brand value has already dropped For the depot at the bottom, it is not the first time that the cans have been broken and pushed for 265 or more.

The CCTV's exposure directly shows that after the vehicle has a problem, the auto makers can use the “policy superiority” to easily escape the responsibility.

In addition to revealing the evasion of responsibility after the accident, the manufacturer also explained the loopholes in China's automobile safety regulations from the side, and it is even more “shabby” than developed countries.

China has become the world’s largest automobile producer and the world’s largest consumer of automobiles. However, the unsound regulations and standards have caused more owners to "pay the bills" for the development of an unsound market.

On September 20, the "Car Three Guarantees Law" for six years of silence was held to hold a hearing. The owner saw this message, it was very happy, because they think that the future of their own car finally has a solution.

In fact, not only consumers are happy, but also good news for companies. A multinational company's after-sales service manager also said that they also very much hope that the relevant laws will be sound.

Because, in this way, they can also solve problems for consumers in accordance with the law, rather than spending more time and energy in the entanglement with consumers.

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