Big ship equipment company reconnected with wind power

At the end of the year, Dachuan Heavy Industry Equipment Co., Ltd. made a strong attack, and the two business segments were operated by Kaikai. Recently, the big ship equipment and Jilin Daan Xintang Power Generation Co., Ltd. signed a contract for the construction of the tower equipment of the first phase of the Jilin Anbai Expressway New Airy Wind Farm. The equipment company will provide 25 towers and 21 base rings/tuning for the owner. Flat support. The contract amount of the project is considerable, and the contract is expected to be completed by the end of this year. The signing and smooth implementation of this wind power project contract is a major wind power industry order undertaken by the equipment company following the completion of the national wind power consumption demonstration project of Jilin Electric Boiler House, marking the substantial development of the equipment company's diversified development strategy. The pace has laid a solid foundation for the heavy industry to grab orders and achieve breakthroughs.
Jilin Anbai New Airy Wind Farm Phase I 50MW Wind Power Project is a project of China Datang Group New Energy Co., Ltd. and is managed by its affiliated Jilin Daan Xintang Power Generation Co., Ltd. It should be said that the order is based on the good cooperation between the big ship equipment and Datang Group in the 2011 wind power consumption project, so that the equipment company ushered in this heavyweight repeat customer. The Jilin Anbai New Airy Wind Farm Project is divided into four phases. The project is the first phase of the project. If the product can be delivered to the owner on time, it will have an important impact on the follow-up project.
This project is the first time for the equipment company to undertake the construction of large-scale towers and accessories in the field of wind power. The construction period is short, the technical standards are high, the quality requirements are strict, and the transportation is difficult. The equipment company attaches great importance to it and makes all-round planning. After the contract was signed, the equipment company immediately started the follow-up management procedures, carefully organizing the work including raw material procurement, construction progress, inspection and delivery. The project team will actively cooperate with the Ministry of Industry and Equipment and other departments to closely organize and monitor the construction quality and progress. We will give the owners the "big ship equipment" brand products and resolutely win the battle before the end of the year.

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