Before the typhoon comes: the agricultural production prevention is in place

[China Agricultural Machinery Network Industry News] Typhoon not only brings severe weather such as squally winds, heavy rains, storm surges, but also cluster disasters due to the typhoon chain effect. For example, typhoon storms can cause floods, and secondary disasters such as mudslides, landslides, landslides, and soil erosion can cause flooding of agricultural arable land, causing soil quality to decline and affecting crop growth. The typhoon wind slanted the sea surface, and the low pressure caused the sea surface to rise. The seawater inversion caused the farmland to be flooded, and the agricultural irrigation water was also polluted.
On July 1, the Zhejiang Meteorological Observatory announced that it had made a plum, but it was mentioned that this year's plum blossoms were the most common in the region, and it was said that this year's plum rain was atypical. Specific to Lin'an, not only atypical, but also in most areas, after the provincial government announced the Mei, the city of Lin'an City on the 2nd and 3rd, there was a heavy rainstorm, and the precipitation ended on the 4th. . In recent years, most of the Meiyu weather in our city is atypical, because the regional characteristics of the time and space distribution of the Meiyu rain are very obvious, and the difference in the intensity of the plum rain is also great every year. In addition, the Meiyu has a significant inter-annual and ten-year scale. The characteristics of the change. Lin'an this year is not like a rainy rain, just like it has been raining. Suddenly there is a period of rainy season, which is really atypical.
Before the typhoon comes: the agricultural production prevention is in place

After the plum blossoms, although the temperature is rising, it has not yet entered the hot summer season. The reason is that the rain belt is maintained in the Jianghuai area. The city is in the southern edge of the rain belt, and the rain drops from time to time. At the same time, there is a typhoon that is growing and growing. The No. 1 typhoon "Nibert", which was only generated this year, was strengthened into a typhoon at 8:00 on the 5th. It is expected that the strength of "Nippon" will continue to strengthen, and it is likely to strengthen to a strong typhoon or super typhoon, 7 to 8 It is gradually approaching Taiwan to the east coast of China. Due to the current instability of the subtropical high, the typhoon path is constantly being adjusted. Recently, there have been strong convective weather such as showers or thunderstorms in our city, as well as secondary disasters such as small river basin flash floods, geological disasters, and urban and rural waterlogging caused by typhoons.
To do this, we must do the following four things in agricultural production:
First, seasonal melons and fruits enter the mature harvesting period. All localities should harvest mature melons and fruits in time before the arrival of typhoons, prevent the fruit falling and fruit-breaking caused by typhoon and bring about the consequences of wind and precipitation. Make sure the tree is restored.
Second, the farmland should be cleaned and drained to prevent waterlogging. There are still many showers or thunderstorms in the near future. All localities should continue to do a good job of clearing ditch drainage, keep the ditch clear, and strive to reduce the water level in the field to prevent heavy precipitation and the flooding caused by farmland.
The third is to strengthen the prevention and control of pests and diseases. In the early stage, there was a lot of rain, and the crop growth was slightly worse. At present, the temperature rises faster, the bacteria develops fast, the crop resistance is poor, and it is easy to cause pests and diseases, especially after the typhoon appears.
Fourth, before the typhoon comes, the agricultural facilities such as greenhouses should be strengthened to prevent possible wind damage.
(Original title: Typhoon No. 1 is on the road, agricultural defense is not relaxing)

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