Analysis: Wanjiaan 1.3 million pixel network smart ball machine WJA-CBN-5613 main features

The main features of the 1.3 million-pixel network intelligent dome WJA-CBN-5613 include: Adopting 1/3" Sony's high-performance progressive scan CCD, the image is clear, the maximum resolution can be up to 1280x960; high-precision motor drive, responsive, and operation Smooth, less than 0.1 degree accuracy deviation, no image jitter at any speed; able to support three-dimensional intelligent positioning function, with DVR and client software can achieve click tracking and amplification; also supports multi-language menus and operating tips, user-friendly interface Support data power is not lost, fully protect the user's data security; support power-off state memory function, automatically return to the power before the PTZ and lens status before power off, user-friendly operation design; support fiber module access; Support lightning protection, surge protection, anti-surge; outdoor ball reach IP66 protection level; support timing task preset point / pattern scanning / cruise scanning / horizontal scanning / vertical scanning / random scanning; with frame scanning / panoramic scanning and other functions. This model can be widely used in places that need a wide range of high-definition picture quality monitoring, such as: rivers, forests, highways, railways, airports, ports, sentry posts, wide Fields, parks, scenic spots, streets, stations, large-scale venues, residential areas and other places.