Analysis: Four major application areas involved in the security industry

Security Alarm System After detecting high temperatures and smoke, an alarm is issued to the control station to indicate that a fire may have occurred and to determine the exact location of the incident so that timely action can be taken.
Video Surveillance System The rail transit video surveillance system enables centralized monitoring of key areas such as railroad tracks, platforms, station control rooms and computer rooms. Baggage inspection offices can also be installed to further improve security management. In addition, the video surveillance system can also be installed in the car.
The access control system is generally divided into three levels: central management, site management, and field device management. Under normal circumstances, a centralized control center can control multiple sub-control points in the entire system structure to enhance the stability and security level of the entire system.
External Intrusion Detection System Prevents terrorists from destroying outside the railway site, detecting and stopping criminals from carrying dangerous substances near the site or any of its entrances, air duct openings and tunnels.