Advanced Technology Helps Daouqi FAW Dachai to Move Steadily

Deutz FAW (Dalian) Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dachai") has been in joint operation since August 2007 and has been operating for four years. Faced with the major influence of the world financial crisis at that time, Dachai actively responded to it, and always persisted in vigorously carrying out its work centered on “Strengthening Management, Fighting the Market, and Promoting Development”. In terms of marketing, we actively promoted DEUTZ products and fully explored the construction machinery market. In terms of internal management, we comprehensively improved product quality, carried out all-round cost reduction work, and both internal and externally, resulting in a significant improvement in product competitiveness and the company's business performance.

Advanced technology is recognized by the market

The joint venture has introduced the Deutz 1013, 2012 two series of countries II, the country III, Tier1, Tier2, and the country IV, Tier3 and other products. In terms of automotive products and markets: In 2007, 4 to 7 liters of DEUTZ 1013, 2012 State II, and State III engines were introduced, with a power capacity of 122 to 300 hp. Since 2009, China's emission regulations have been introduced and Tao has been introduced. The TCD2013 Series IV engine produced by VOLVO has a power of 140 to 320 horsepower. After nearly 4 years of marketing, the company has now sold more than 30,000 units of Deutz electronically controlled engines. The market has performed well and has been widely recognized by users.

In liberating the commercial vehicle market, DEUTZ products are fully matched with liberation company's three races, J5, J6 series of heavy and medium-duty products, through the use of electronic control Deutz engine, to promote the liberation of vehicle dealers will sell electronic control products, service stations Electric control products will be repaired and users will use electronically controlled products to lay a good foundation for the launch of the next National IV vehicle. In the passenger car market, the company has formed a comprehensive cooperation with the mainstream passenger car manufacturers in the country, and it is fully matched on 8 to 12 meters of bus and tourist bus.

In the commercial vehicle market, the DEUTZ engine with world-leading technology shows a strong competitive advantage such as light weight, long life, and low fuel consumption. The 4 to 7-liter engine is 180 to 250 kg lighter than the domestic power-segment product. It conforms to the development trend of commercial vehicle engines and meets the requirements for lighter development of commercial vehicles. It adopts electronically controlled monomer pump technology, and its emission indicators fully meet the requirements of domestic regulations at all levels; the longest commercial vehicle mileage in China is 300,000 kilometers. /38 months of warranty mileage; engine overhaul mileage reached 800,000 kilometers, one level higher than domestic similar products; fuel consumption per 100 kilometers of the vehicle is 1-3 liters lower than similar products, and the average annual fuel savings is 10,000 yuan; Mechanical injectors, adapting to low-quality diesel, can safely use all kinds of domestic diesel II.

"Global Joint Guarantee" service in place

Deutz Engine wins the market and customers with world-class product brands, internationally leading global service guarantees, and cost-effective, world-class product performance that meets the Chinese market; German Deutz engines have a reputation and user market in the industrial area. The occupancy rate is a representative of high-end industrial power. With the advantages of brand and market share, localized products have rapidly gained user approval and market share has gradually expanded.

Deutz FAW Dachai has more than 860 service networks in China and more than 1,600 service networks (excluding China) in the world. The two companies have fully cooperated to form a world-class service security system. For customers, both domestic and international sales can achieve effective service guarantees. Considering the characteristics of the Chinese market and market development requirements, localized product prices are more than 10% lower than those of the original machine, and they are fully qualified in the product supply cycle. In imported products, the fixed product supply period within 30 days is determined; the imported products are produced in full accordance with the technical conditions of Deutz, and the reliability of the products is the same as that of imported products, which meets the requirements of users for reliability and unity; Body pump technology, product noise, low fuel consumption, power, and high stability.

"Twelfth Five-Year Plan" fully realizes internationalization

In order to meet the needs of the company's future development, Deutz FAW Dachai has formulated the “Twelfth Five-Year” development plan. The company takes “depending on the shareholders of both parties, based on the domestic and global, comprehensively enhance the comprehensive management capabilities, production and sales of 2.5 to 7.2 liters of the most competitive automotive and industrial engines, to create a joint venture with the best overall efficiency” as the guiding ideology. With the principle of “everything around the market, everything is done around the market, and everything is surrounded by benefits”, the “311” business goal has been formulated. That is, in 2015, the production and sales volume of Deutz FAW Dachai reached 300,000 units. Sales revenue is 10 billion yuan, and pre-tax profit is 1 billion yuan.

According to reports, in order to achieve the planning objectives, the total investment of Dichai during the “12th Five-Year Plan” period was 1.7 billion yuan (of which the product investment was 300 million yuan, the investment in technology and infrastructure was 1.4 billion yuan), and the FAW Group’s CA4DD, CA4/6DH1, and Daoyi were imported. The company's TCD2013, TCD2012, and Tier3 products form a product mix of C, E, and DEUTZ's three platforms; expanding the current annual capacity of the joint plant to 100,000 units, investing in a new 200,000-unit production base, with a total capacity of 300,000. station. The CA4DD, CA4/6DH1 new product is a high-end engine independently developed by FAW Technology Center and specially designed for FAW to replace lightweight, medium-sized commercial vehicles. The whole machine is at the international advanced and domestic leading level; TCD2013, TCD2012 series is the introduction of German Deutz. The company's most advanced core technology products are mainstream products widely used in international heavy-duty commercial vehicles, construction machinery and other fields.

Deutz FAW Dachai is the main production base of the light and medium-heavy truck engines of FAW Group. The construction of 200,000 new production bases is an important part of the strategic layout of FAW Group and a strategic deployment of FAW to expand the commercial vehicle market. Similarly, Deutz has always considered Deutz FAW Diesel as an important production base of Deutz, and is the basis of Deutz’s globalization strategy. Deutz FAW Dachai will fully integrate the technological and management advantages of both China and Germany's products, speed up product technology upgrades, and strive to build the most competitive market for automotive and industrial engine production and promote China's independent commercial vehicle and construction machinery brand. International development.

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